In Review: Stage House Tavern’s French Onion Soup

There are two staples in my restaurant ordering book: Bloody Mary’s and French Onion Soup.  I order these two items every where I go.  Therefore, I have a “very particular set of skills.”  Included in my skill set is knowing how to spot an excellent crock of French Onion Soup when I see it. Therefore I… Continue reading In Review: Stage House Tavern’s French Onion Soup

Facebook Sold My Dead Friend’s Page

This was Stephen. Stephen died and his profile became a memorial where his friends could stop by and be reminded of him. The way his face looked, what he enjoyed most, and revisit his thoughts through his old posts. If the saying “Time heals all wounds” is true, I can say from experience that this… Continue reading Facebook Sold My Dead Friend’s Page

What’s Essential For Success: Class of 2014 Edition

Being a member of the Class of 2014, I’m sitting in the candidate pool with all of my fellow bachelor’s degree-wielding graduates… all 1.8 million of you.  Now being one in a million never seemed negative until it followed that heavy fact, but what will set you apart from that chomping-at-the-bit crowd is one quality:… Continue reading What’s Essential For Success: Class of 2014 Edition

Bonobos “Daily Grind” Giveaway!

The men’s fashion brand Bonobos is giving away over $1,500 worth of clothing.  Simply by entering your email address, you can enter to win a work wardrobe upgrade.  The grand prize will consist of a Foundation Suit, five Weekday Warrior pants, and five Daily Grind dress shirts.  Enter now, as the contest ends on May 5!  If you’re graduating… Continue reading Bonobos “Daily Grind” Giveaway!

My Shameless Obsession: My Cat

At work the other day, I was in an elevator talking about the television shows I watch with a coworker.  Another woman was standing with us and it was said that we talk a lot about the shows we watch.  This realization prompted the woman standing along side us in the elevator said, “Well, wait… Continue reading My Shameless Obsession: My Cat

Your Brain on Facebook

Facebook is blowing up about a video on Facebook.  What does it do to your brain?  It might surprise you… or it might not. Some “facts” thrown out at you in the video explained in real life: “People are incapable of intimately knowing more than 150 people.” I don’t argue this fact, I argue that… Continue reading Your Brain on Facebook

How I’m Living My Life in My Twenties (Take it or Leave it)

I’m twenty-two and I’m tired of other writers telling me how I “my twenties” should be. I know I might be an exception to “the rule” when it comes to being a twenty-something (I visit my “family” maybe once a year, my mom is not my best friend, I have three jobs while going to… Continue reading How I’m Living My Life in My Twenties (Take it or Leave it)