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Weekend Drinking Preview: The Cinco De Mayo Edition- The Coronita Margarita


For those of you who don’t know what this is and didn’t read the title of the entry: This Is THE Coronita Margarita.

I, too, at a time did not know what this delicious beverage was.  Now that I am thankfully in “the know,” I feel it is my job… no, no.  It is an obligation to pass this information along since the ripe holiday of Cinco De Mayo is upon us.

It’s a good ol’ Margarita with a Coronita stabbed into it.  As you “responsibly” enjoy your beverage, slowly slide the Coronita upwards for an automatic alcoholic refill.  Why can’t all drinks be so convenient?

I know this will be happening to my roommates and I on this well-awaited Sunday.  There’s also no chance I won’t be making this a summer drinking staple.

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor.  After three Coronita Margaritas, you’ll be slurring, “More!”

Food & Drink

Food Review: Blitzburger at Olde Queens, New Brunswick, NJ


If you ever find yourself in that noisy college town on the banks of the old Raritan, you’ll want to stop at this burger joint.  Granted, the more well-known fatty treat in the area is the “Fat Sandwich,” which can be found at any eatery in town (preferably at the soon-to-be-evicted, famous Grease Trucks).  The place you wouldn’t even know to go to is Blitzburger.

A well-loved and Binge-Eater Anonymous meeting site, this restaurant  serves up burgers like no other.  This is where dreams are made reality and their happy hour deals with the food, WITH THE FOOD.  I can’t even talk about it.  Order your burger Blitz’d and they’ll slap another patty on top of your burger to make it into this kind of disgustingly delicious meat-entombed goodness masterpiece.

On The Menu That I’ve Personally Sampled:

MiniBlitz Burgers, Buffalo Wings, BlitzSkins, Onion Strings, Mozzerella Triads, French Fries, Loaded French Fries, Loaded BlitzChips, BlitzNachos,  BlitzChili,  Bacon Bacon Burger, All-American Burger, Tex-Mex Burger, Fiery-Chipotle Burger, Rowdy Ruben Burger, TEXAS COWBOY BURGER (OMG WITH THE HOT SAUCE ADDED OMG), Spicy Buffalo Burger, Big Daddy’s Burger, BlitzChili Burger, Belly Buster Burger, and you can bet your bottom dollar I combined a few of these and Made My Own Burger (You can’t even imagine that kind of heavenly, orgasmic burger I create.).  Can’t forget the BlitzChili Dog, Buffalo Chicken Salad, Monterey Salad, Buffalo Chicken Wrap, Banana Blitz Shake, and last but not least is the Peanut Butter Shake.

I promise you that I will never stop ordering from this place.

If I were to knowingly die tomorrow, I would have Blitz as my last meal.


Screen shot 2013-04-26 at 1.29.40 PM

Just look at this.  I hate myself for just looking at something so delicious on a screen.


In Review: The Real World: Portland, Episode 5


This week, the Real World: Portland cast found themselves snow bound on a snowboarding adventure with none other than Not Shaun White.  The cast geared up and had snowboarding lessons!  What a coincidence that douche-bag cast member, Jordan, only had to make one phone call to get such treatment.  See, miracles do happen in the Real World.

The cast this season, as it is in every season, uses their sad “I was bullied in High School” or “My dad was mean” or “My ex-Boyfriend didn’t give me enough attention” excuses to treat each other like dirt and sloppily bounce around sucking each other’s faces.  But hey, it’s reality television and it’s on MTV.  What more can I expect from the good old MTV besides lazy, pretty people who are fame hungry and some low-key background indie music highlights between bitch fights and spit swapping?

This week, in case you missed it and want spoilers:

140x105 (7)

Daisy was adorable.

140x105 (1)

Avery saw an email from a female signed “Xoxo” in Johnny’s still-logged-in G-mail account and she didn’t think to search through the rest of the messages investigate the relationship.  (As any sane and trusting person would do.)  She then assumed Johnny would bring the email up and explain it to her… even though he would have had no idea what she saw.

140x105 (3)

Johnny gets drunk a lot and gets pissy towards Avery.  Waah waah, the girl’s more experienced than you in more ways than one.  Get over your cry baby self.


Anastasia makes you question, “How on EARTH are you a model,” with her sloppily-done, drowned raccoon eyes and hunchback posture.

140x105 (2)

Jessica proves she’s a needy cry baby, too, as she has Bar Dude Paul falling over himself to make her happy and yet she needs that previously mentioned Not Shaun White to have her number.

140x105 (8)

Joi has been forgotten about.  That’s what quitters get.

140x105 (4)

Jordan has not been informed yet that the nation now knows about his “Tiny Dick Complex.”  Poor taste, Nia.

140x105 (6)

Nia.  She’s just being a crazy bitch in every episode but at least she warned everyone in her Audition Tape and upon meeting the other cast mates on the first day.  The girl makes good T.V…  Too bad for Marlon.  Chick already has four boyfriends Whatever that means…

140x105 (5)

Marlon seems to be waiting for Hurricane Nia to settle down before he catches his barrings.  More than likely the eye of the storm will show (hopefully) and more cast mate hook-up mistakes will be made then.  Fingers crossed.  A good rule to stand by in this type of situation is to not stick your dick in crazy, Marlon.

140x105 (7)

Did I already mention Daisy was adorable?

So far, this season is outshining boring St. Thomas.  They put those kids on an island because no one would want to live on the same land mass as them.  I only finished the season because I had to see how the violent, hot-mess, blonde couple would end up.  I’m sure other viewers did so for the same reasons.

Until next week, Real World: Portland.

This season’s Reunion Show should already be good.

Fun and Games

Let’s Make a Deal at Washington Square Park


After unpacking and sorting through all the delicious beauty products at my internship for hours upon hours, my lunch break was something to be cherished.

The other interns and I took a stroll around the block to hit some typical lunch spots- Fresh Co, Famiglia.  I showed my hand too quickly and picked up at Fresh Co.  Had I known we would stop at Famiglia, I would have had a few slices of the Tomato Basil that looked so heavenly fresh.  Next time, New York.  Next time.


Yeah, it’s not right not to have it.

The park was crowded and we were lucky to find a seat across from a man with a drum set.  We expected a show, but we only saw the drummer man make waves with his hands and another guy a few benches down blasted his iPhone for everyone in the park.  How nice of him.

Another intern and I sat on the bench together and after we finished our lunches, we played the game Carrie from Sex and the City claimed was for “research purposes.”

SATCgirls laughing-thumb-400x250-82087I miss them.  Always.

The Game:

It was never named in the episode, but I’d like to call it a “flirty” Let’s Make A Deal.  The game is essentially the same as its retro game-show counterpart,  however your “mystery doors” are the individuals of your attractive sex who just happen to walk by.

The Rules:

1.) Players agree upon a Line of Expiration.  This line is the line in which if a “door” crosses, they have expired and you must choose between the next coming person or wait for the final “door number 3.”

2.) There are no do-overs.

3.) If two or more people approach the Line of Expiration, another player may mark the doors for immediate choosing.

Remember, this is a clean-fun, joking game.  Have fun; don’t hurt stranger’s feelings!

My main mistake in the beginning of the game was waiting for Mr. Right:  The attractive, young door who dresses well and has a personality that shines through to his exterior siding.

Door Number 1 is a young, college freshman with a skateboard.  He crosses the Line of Expiration.  BAM, GONE.  Too young anyway, right?  Door Number 2.  A tall “dude in a suit.”  Appealing –handsome and wearing a suit-, but curiosity strikes me as to who could be Door Number Three.  BAM, DOOR NUMBR 2 GONE.  Line of Expiration.  Surely enough, a cute old man with a cane walks on by.  I stand, we get married, and spend the rest of our lives together.  Happily.

Game over.

It’s a good way to kill the rest of your lunch hour in the city and you get to learn lots of things about yourself!  See, the game proposes life lessons behind every door.

“Life’s like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get “ and,” You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.” But most importantly: “Curiosity killed the cat.”

Make your deals wisely… especially when it comes to Tomato Basil. 


New Product Review: Maybelline 24-Hour Super Stay Lipstick


I recently purchased this product on a whim at the RiteAid down the street from my apartment.  I was in need of a new red lipstick because I dropped my old one in a grungy bar room toilet.  Rather than rescue my cherished, no-longer-sold-in-stores, perfect-red lipstick and risk the chance of its cap having been a little loose, I decided to be bold and get a new stick.

Now, most women and some of you men out there know that a perfect-red lipstick is a very rare find.  I could only part ways with my perfect tube when the risk of some serious cold sores were a guarantee.  So when it came to finding a replacement, I hit up the local drugstore with high hopes but very low expectations… but boy was I fooled.

Maybelline 24-Hour Super Stay Lipstick has blown me away.  The advertised “24-Hour” long lasting wear was no joke.  I “went to sleep” after “one or two drinks” and work up to a delightful red lip with only the slightest of hangover.

Because my father was a gambling man and there was a sale, I purchased two colors: Timeless Rose (A demure, deeply tickled pink) and Keep up the Flame (A sexy, bold red).  I was not disappointed.

I am fair skinned and freckled blonde, however the red was not overpowering and the pink complimented my constantly pink hued cheeks.  I had my roommates sample the colors for science and they (a tanner complected brunette and a fair skinned blonde) met the same pleasant results.

Maybe I’ll experiment with the plum and nude/natural shades some time soon.  You know I wasn’t born with plum lips, but now you’ll know it’s Maybelline.