New Product Review: Maybelline 24-Hour Super Stay Lipstick


I recently purchased this product on a whim at the RiteAid down the street from my apartment.  I was in need of a new red lipstick because I dropped my old one in a grungy bar room toilet.  Rather than rescue my cherished, no-longer-sold-in-stores, perfect-red lipstick and risk the chance of its cap having been a little loose, I decided to be bold and get a new stick.

Now, most women and some of you men out there know that a perfect-red lipstick is a very rare find.  I could only part ways with my perfect tube when the risk of some serious cold sores were a guarantee.  So when it came to finding a replacement, I hit up the local drugstore with high hopes but very low expectations… but boy was I fooled.

Maybelline 24-Hour Super Stay Lipstick has blown me away.  The advertised “24-Hour” long lasting wear was no joke.  I “went to sleep” after “one or two drinks” and work up to a delightful red lip with only the slightest of hangover.

Because my father was a gambling man and there was a sale, I purchased two colors: Timeless Rose (A demure, deeply tickled pink) and Keep up the Flame (A sexy, bold red).  I was not disappointed.

I am fair skinned and freckled blonde, however the red was not overpowering and the pink complimented my constantly pink hued cheeks.  I had my roommates sample the colors for science and they (a tanner complected brunette and a fair skinned blonde) met the same pleasant results.

Maybe I’ll experiment with the plum and nude/natural shades some time soon.  You know I wasn’t born with plum lips, but now you’ll know it’s Maybelline.


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