Let’s Make a Deal at Washington Square Park


After unpacking and sorting through all the delicious beauty products at my internship for hours upon hours, my lunch break was something to be cherished.

The other interns and I took a stroll around the block to hit some typical lunch spots- Fresh Co, Famiglia.  I showed my hand too quickly and picked up at Fresh Co.  Had I known we would stop at Famiglia, I would have had a few slices of the Tomato Basil that looked so heavenly fresh.  Next time, New York.  Next time.


Yeah, it’s not right not to have it.

The park was crowded and we were lucky to find a seat across from a man with a drum set.  We expected a show, but we only saw the drummer man make waves with his hands and another guy a few benches down blasted his iPhone for everyone in the park.  How nice of him.

Another intern and I sat on the bench together and after we finished our lunches, we played the game Carrie from Sex and the City claimed was for “research purposes.”

SATCgirls laughing-thumb-400x250-82087I miss them.  Always.

The Game:

It was never named in the episode, but I’d like to call it a “flirty” Let’s Make A Deal.  The game is essentially the same as its retro game-show counterpart,  however your “mystery doors” are the individuals of your attractive sex who just happen to walk by.

The Rules:

1.) Players agree upon a Line of Expiration.  This line is the line in which if a “door” crosses, they have expired and you must choose between the next coming person or wait for the final “door number 3.”

2.) There are no do-overs.

3.) If two or more people approach the Line of Expiration, another player may mark the doors for immediate choosing.

Remember, this is a clean-fun, joking game.  Have fun; don’t hurt stranger’s feelings!

My main mistake in the beginning of the game was waiting for Mr. Right:  The attractive, young door who dresses well and has a personality that shines through to his exterior siding.

Door Number 1 is a young, college freshman with a skateboard.  He crosses the Line of Expiration.  BAM, GONE.  Too young anyway, right?  Door Number 2.  A tall “dude in a suit.”  Appealing –handsome and wearing a suit-, but curiosity strikes me as to who could be Door Number Three.  BAM, DOOR NUMBR 2 GONE.  Line of Expiration.  Surely enough, a cute old man with a cane walks on by.  I stand, we get married, and spend the rest of our lives together.  Happily.

Game over.

It’s a good way to kill the rest of your lunch hour in the city and you get to learn lots of things about yourself!  See, the game proposes life lessons behind every door.

“Life’s like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get “ and,” You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.” But most importantly: “Curiosity killed the cat.”

Make your deals wisely… especially when it comes to Tomato Basil. 


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