Food Review: Blitzburger at Olde Queens, New Brunswick, NJ


If you ever find yourself in that noisy college town on the banks of the old Raritan, you’ll want to stop at this burger joint.  Granted, the more well-known fatty treat in the area is the “Fat Sandwich,” which can be found at any eatery in town (preferably at the soon-to-be-evicted, famous Grease Trucks).  The place you wouldn’t even know to go to is Blitzburger.

A well-loved and Binge-Eater Anonymous meeting site, this restaurant  serves up burgers like no other.  This is where dreams are made reality and their happy hour deals with the food, WITH THE FOOD.  I can’t even talk about it.  Order your burger Blitz’d and they’ll slap another patty on top of your burger to make it into this kind of disgustingly delicious meat-entombed goodness masterpiece.

On The Menu That I’ve Personally Sampled:

MiniBlitz Burgers, Buffalo Wings, BlitzSkins, Onion Strings, Mozzerella Triads, French Fries, Loaded French Fries, Loaded BlitzChips, BlitzNachos,  BlitzChili,  Bacon Bacon Burger, All-American Burger, Tex-Mex Burger, Fiery-Chipotle Burger, Rowdy Ruben Burger, TEXAS COWBOY BURGER (OMG WITH THE HOT SAUCE ADDED OMG), Spicy Buffalo Burger, Big Daddy’s Burger, BlitzChili Burger, Belly Buster Burger, and you can bet your bottom dollar I combined a few of these and Made My Own Burger (You can’t even imagine that kind of heavenly, orgasmic burger I create.).  Can’t forget the BlitzChili Dog, Buffalo Chicken Salad, Monterey Salad, Buffalo Chicken Wrap, Banana Blitz Shake, and last but not least is the Peanut Butter Shake.

I promise you that I will never stop ordering from this place.

If I were to knowingly die tomorrow, I would have Blitz as my last meal.


Screen shot 2013-04-26 at 1.29.40 PM

Just look at this.  I hate myself for just looking at something so delicious on a screen.


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