Wine Review: The Gato Negro; My Focus: Cabernet Sauvignon


Holy moley.  Do you want to have a decadent wine that cuddles you to sleep?   Do you need company while watching a marathon of Gossip Girl?  Or are you just an avid wine drinker?

The Gato Negro has you covered.

The brand has a wide variety of wines to select from.  Got a nice Alfredo going on in the kitchen?  White’s done.  A nice Rose?  Fine, done.  Red?  You’re covered.


Is it related to cats?  I don’t know, but it sure helps the sale.

They don’t even have their own website.  Do I care?  No, I just drink.

The Cabernet Sauvignon has a special appeal.  It’s just enough of a spicy meatball to keep the drinking ball rolling.  It’s medicinal.  It’s magical.  It’ll make your night forgettable night memorable.

When life’s got you down, visit your local liquor store and demand the Gato.  When you’re a little bit tired but can’t quite fall asleep, get a glass of the Gato and make your dreams happen.  When you’re alone and can’t have an actual cat at your animal-restricted apartment, Gato’s got a cat picture right on the bottle.

I don’t need much from a wine besides company and comedy.  This brand’s got a bit of both and it’s purely beautiful.  A marriage between wine and cats…  All my wildest fantasies have come true.

And it’s CHEAP.


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