In Review: The Real World: Portland, Episode 6


This week, the gang goes Go-Karting and Nia and Jordan get into fisticuffs.  Daisy gets attacked in the park.  Nia is in jeopardy of losing her spot at the pizza joint.  And we also learn Nia’s writing a book about sleeping with professional athletes!  Ambitious and I admire that.  However, this is becoming the Nia and Jordan show.

This week, in case you missed it and want spoilers:

140x105 (7)

Daisy gets into a scrap-up.  Goes on a trip to the vet, receives staples for her wound, and a cone head!  Life’s ruff.   : (

140x105 (1)

Avery has very little face time this episode.  She takes care of her baby Daisy and that’s really about it.

140x105 (3)

Johnny helps Avery take Daisy to the vet.  Gets into a little fight with Jordan because Jordan’s a belligerent drunk bitch baby every episode.


Anastasia tries to sleep on the couch while Wrestle-mania XXVI happens in the house between Nia and Jordan.   She also cakes on more make-up throughout the episode.  I swear you could light a match on those raccoon eyes.  Does she think that’s beautiful?

140x105 (2)

Jessica has Paul Bunyan show up to the group’s Go-Carting excursion.  They cuddle in bed before going to sleep (very PG stuff), but Anastasia is a bitch baby and sleeps on the couch.  Anastasia gets to watch Smackdown as a punishment for being a prude wildebeest.

140x105 (8)

Joi who?

140x105 (4)

Jordan stays and gets his ass beat.  The Royal Rumble breaks out between him and Nia.  He seemed to be trying for some kinky sex but Nia wanted to some negative attention/screen time.  Jordan also reveals he’s tried killing himself mid-fist/lamp fight.  Not the right time to discuss this kind of thing, however I do hope this issue is addressed more seriously in a future episode.

140x105 (6)

Nia.  Nia, Nia, Nia Her scheme to ruin Jordan makes her change her image from being a psycho bitch to her being a delusional psycho bitch.  There’s a very fine line between the two (which only some people know).  However, if you beat up a guy, he pushes you away, and you cry abuse?  You need to knock it off.

140x105 (5)

Marlon.  Poor Marlon.  Every episode he expects something different out of Nia.  Wrong.  He also reveals he’s celibate for his “religion.” 

140x105 (7)

Daisy continues to outshine everyone on the show.

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