Lunchtime Review: Taboonette, Pulled Pork Entree with Rice Plate

ImageReviews about Taboonette are mixed, but this dish is fantastic and I had to write about it.

The Pulled Pork Entree with Rice Plate is simply fantastic.  Just enough spice with the remedy incorporated within the dish.  The rice as perfectly cooked.  The pork fell apart with from my plastic fork and dissolved in my mouth.

I was not sure how I would feel about apples mixed with my meaty desires, but I was met with a great surprise.  The slight sweetness of the Jimcama Apple Slaw cut the spiciness of the Tahini (a green chili relish) and enhanced all of the flavors.  The “Spicy Cilantro Mayo” dressing on top was unexpectedly delicious: a mayo-ish ranch.  The sauce acted as an additional, zesty cool down from the extra spices of the Tahini.

Most places in New York charge you up the yin yang and leave you hungry, but Taboonette gives you the right amount for the price.  I was full with leftovers challenging me to finish, but I was satisfied with my food baby.


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