Food Review: NY Burger Creations, Southern Burger

Screen shot 2013-05-10 at 1.15.07 PM

The work catering today was done by Burger Creations.  I expected it would be a glorious “Simply Delicious” day.


May I introduce to you  The Southern Burger?

Cooked Medium with Pickles added.


Obviously, I made the correct decision in ordering the Southern Burger.  However, if it were a few degrees warmer I would have appreciated it a whole lot more.  The second most disappointing thing in life is a luke-warm burger.




I am a generally understanding person when it comes to food service.  I had my food service job experience, as much of us heathens do, and I always tried my best to have only perfection leave my finger tips.  Cold fried food is never acceptable.

The grilled onions were not grilled.  There was a small dab of BBQ sauce.  I NEED MY SAUCE.  And the pickles…

My number one pet peeve is a pickle hoarder.  When a customer orders pickles, be a human being and deliver.  All I ask for in my fried food life are three things: Ketchup, Pickles, and Ketchup.

And I got no ketchup and one pickle slice. 

Not enough.  Simply Disappointing.

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