“Moving on is a…

“Moving on is a simple thing. What it leaves behind is hard.”

I have to neglect my blog for a while as I move.  Writing “daily” has come to a pause!  I will miss my old apartment and my wonderful roommates.  Until next semester, we will have us reunited and together once again.

Oh, the memories.

Top Moments of the Year at Rockoff Hall!

10.) The Butter Beggars.

9.) Sunday Meat Sauce Italian Style Gravy.

8.) Constant Vegetarian Jokes at the one Vegetarian Roommate!

7.) The Klepto Roommate stealing another floor’s lounge furniture!

6.) Making songs throughout the day!  Top Hit: Throwing It All Away!

5.) Attempts to pick the lock on the door for roof access.

4.) First day moved in: Breaking black nail polish on the bathroom floor!

3.)Moving in and testing all the mattresses to get the best one.

2.) Mattress in the kitchen.

1.) When the Hurricane attacked and made us all homeless for a week!  (Panic-eating all the food, buying three milks, drinking and stairs, stairs, stairs!)

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