In Review: Tresemme, The Holiest of Hairsprays


I prefer level 4, but I’ll take level 5 if it’s available.

When looking for a hairspray, I grade on two things: strength and scent.


This hairspray keeps my hair in top form but does not cement my hair to my skull.  I’ve dabbled in the fine art of hair and with about nine years of experience doing my own beautiful locks, I know I know what I’m talking about.  You don’t need a Beauty School Degree to know that this stuff is great.  Keep it simple, stupid, and get your spray on.

The Scent:

They’re not joking when they say the brand originated in salons.  This hairspray will have your hair smelling salon fresh immediately and up until you wash it out unless you’re attacked by some unavoidable scent destroying factor.


I have sampled other hairsprays over the years which  leads to my unbiased opinion.

Some advertise they’re long lasting, but I found my hair limp on the corner of my street looking “like a drowned, harassed rat.”

Some hairsprays come off as too fruity or smell like WD-40.

Some make you take the trip to Ulta under their false promises and lies of deceit.

With Tresemme, I guarantee you’ll be saying their tagline when you’re out and about this summer.

Ooh, la la. 

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