Unforgivable Fashion Sin: The Double Denim

It was not cute when Britney and Justin did it at the American Music Awards.


It certainly won’t be cute when other celebrities (or YOU) do it.

070512parisHere’s Kate Hudson schlepping herself around town in this atrocious ensemble.

kanye_west_double_denim1Imma let you finish, Kanye, but please change your jacket or pants first.

david-beckham-wrangler-4David Beckham seems to be crippled from his fashion faux pas.

Just change your pants.  I mean, come on.  Are you wearing a jacket over your denim jacket?  Just stop.  Stop it.

5b0c5e18f45993e9_coverririr.xxxlargeRhianna obviously can’t resist the double denim tragic trend, but really?

Are you wearing two pairs of jeans or did you actually buy pants that had another pant top sewn in?

Ed_Westwickenaadlive.blogspot.comEd Westwick, why?  Just WHY.

Now that we’ve established a model of what not to do with your assorted denim articles, we can move onto what you can do!

celebrity-denim-jackets-2011If you want to use that denim jacket that you bought on sale the other day or you found your mother’s now-vintage jacket from the 90’s, this is denim done right.

Besides a good ‘ol pair of jeans, that is.

Now, repeat after me, “I will never double denim.”

Say it over and over.

This trend has no business happening again.


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