In Review: Buffalo Wild Wing’s Wild Bloody Mary

IMG_1048That’s one spicy meatball.

I am one of Buffalo Wild Wing‘s biggest fan, as you may know from my previous entry.  I decided to test their take on one of my drink favories: The Bloody Mary.  And they slapped “Wild” on it, so obviously I had to try it.

The thing about the Bloody Mary is they always come with snacks.  The possibilities are everything I love: Bacon, Pickles, Olives, Celery, Celery “Salt all around the rim rim rim rim, Trey.

Hot damn if your Bloody Mary has all of them, however this recipe had three olives (I immediately ate one so it is not pictured.)

Upon my first sip, all I could do was say, “Oh, fuck.”  It was that good.

The pepper vodka BWW uses was phenomenal.  The key to a great Bloody Mary is the right amount of spice.  Rarely can you achieve it with a random hot sauce or seasonings.  The secret lies in using a pepper vodka and BWW’s choice is correct.


Absolut has a pepper vodka that will do the trick for when you’re at home!

Each sip was delicious and filled with that prime amount of spicy tomato.  It was seriously like drinking a peppery tomato soup but with alcohol.

And I’m a big fan of soup, tomatoes, all things spicy, and of course alcohol.

So, treat yourself with a trip to BWW and along with that delectable chicken: Get a little wild and order a Wild Bloody Mary.


5 thoughts on “In Review: Buffalo Wild Wing’s Wild Bloody Mary

  1. Yuk! I just had with gin since I get very ill with vodka. Perhaps it is better with Absolute Pepper, it can’t be worse.

  2. By far the BEST Bloody Mary I’ve ever had! Love the intense heat, and the spice around the rim! No way I can go and have just one. A++ on this one!

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