In Review: Pillsbury Supreme Collection, Red Velvet; Betty Crocker Cream Cheese

When two become one… it’s a beautiful day or night or afternoon.  I don’t judge cake-eating people.


Tastes so good, make a grown woman cry.

Cake Wise Words:

If you follow the regular directions, you’ll end up with a mushy paste of both filling and cake batter.  I kept adding water until they were a less chunky version of themselves.

Also, you’re going to need to save some of the Red Velvet Cake batter to cover the filling.  The instructions have you slap it on top.  I don’t know if Pillsbury expected the filling to sink to its immanent death beneath the boiling hot cake mix, but I had to bury the filling myself after I had used up most of the batter.

It was a challenge, but I don’t let anything hold me back.

I like cake, I bake cake and I eat cake.

Icing Wise Words:

If you’re going Bundt-style like the box suggests, only one tub of icing will do just nicely.  I happen to be a fan of the equal cake to icing ratio, but if you can’t handle the taste differences between the icing and filling: you might want to have less frostage.

It’s really simple math, people.

I chose Betty Crocker because I like their icing.

It’s really that simple, people.

Besides all that jazz, if you can wait, I highly suggest (after cooling and icing) putting the cake in the fridge.  The coolness of the fridge makes the filling and frosting into this smooth and delectable consistencies.  AMAZING.

My Final Product:


End Scene.

2 thoughts on “In Review: Pillsbury Supreme Collection, Red Velvet; Betty Crocker Cream Cheese

  1. I bought 2 of these last night to make today. The instructions confused me when it came to the filling. It just says to spoon it evenly in a ring over the center. It just didn’t make sense when you compare it to the picture. I looked up reviews hoping to find something on it & luckily came across yours. Saving some of the batter to go on top after you fill it is a great idea & exactly what I’m going to do. Thank you for addressing this issue.

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