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Friday Night Fright Movie Review: The Caller (2011)

If you’re spending your Friday Night at home and want to indulge in a scary movie: The Caller will have you satisfied.

My Horror Film Scoring Method is simple.  Was I scared?  Scare Factor.  Did the story keep me on my toes or was everything predictable from intro to final scene?  Plot Line.  And finally, were the actors believable or were they meant for a different kind of Scary Movie?  Actor’s Acting Abilities.

Scare Factor: 8/10

I was scared.  There was a solid amount of hiding behind pillows and yelling at the screen.  I did not know what would happen or what would come next or who would die next.  However, I wish I could have been more scared all throughout but the storyline made me intrigued and tuned in.

Which brings me to my next scale.

Plot Line: 9/10

The story is based off of one premise: You can’t leave a phone ringing,  It’s in our nature as human beings of this technological age we live in.  We MUST answer a phone.  We even want to answer other people’s phones if they don’t pick it up in time.

This film isn’t like other phone based movies, either.  One Missed Call and Pulse’s cell phones only got you if you picked up the phone.  Not to give away too much of the plot, I’m just going to say what’s on the other line of the phone will get you “irregardless.”

The plot was not predictable and that is why it deserves a 9/10 in my Horror Film Scoring Method for Plot Line.

Actor’s Acting Abilities:  7/10

Rachelle Lefevre plays the female lead of this horror flick and she holds her own across from former vampire, Stephen Moyer.  No, he’s not a vampire in this movie.  Yes, that was an allusion for True Blood.

Lefevre plays Mary Kee and Mary Kee moves into the wrong apartment and messes with the wrong wrong-number-dialer.  She does play a bit of a damsel in distress but she adds a bit of a cockiness and independence towards male characters.

Moyer plays her love interest and could have had more screen time but this movie was more of a character analysis than a thrilling romance.

Overall Score: 8/10, 80%, B


Watch in the Dark?  No.  Watch in the afternoon in the house with my roommates?  Yes.

So, watch it on Netflix and turn your phones off.

You don’t want to have to buy a new one.

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Blurred Lines: Robin Laying It On Too Thick… “Rapey” Thicke?

Now, some critics and fans alike are rethinking what Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” single is getting at.

Let’s tally up the scores on both asides of the argument and decide together.

Kind of like a music video Judge Judy… Or an episode of Law and Order: SVU.


Someone left their shoes on and someone else left ALL of their clothes on.  Either the Thicke’s character got a little to drunk and passed out OR the female character was stripped.  HOWEVER, current photo evidence does not present any such evidence.


Pro Date Rape- I

Not Related- I

Score for both.


Back to back, Thicke’s character has his shades on which in my book means he has a hangover in bed.  HOWEVER, female is seemingly topless with either her hair defying gravity or she is horizontal.

So, Thicke’s character could have passed out drunk but brought a female home who tried her best to arouse the male.  OR the male had his way with her drugged, lifeless body.

NOTE: They roll around in bed together con-sensually after their moonlighted escapades.


Pro Date Rape- I

Not Related- II

Score for Not Related.
thickThis is the opening of how the Thicke character spots his bedded girl.  He is surrounded by women and yet he notices her.  EVEN in his shades.

Love?  Or a hunter spotting his prey?

Is he “out of my mind” because he has fallen or spotted his latest victim?


Pro Date Rape- II

Not Related- III

Score for both.


Now the women are farm-like, dainty animals in headlights.  Uhh, and wearing plastic.

Like packaged meat.

And you thought you were “domesticated” when you really are “an animal.”



Pro Date Rape- III

Not Related- III

Score for Pro Date Rape

diceWe’re all Tied up With This One.  Really Rolling the Dice.

meow“It’s in your nature” is playing in this shot.  Said female is meowing.  Like a cat.  Like a Pussy Cat.

Domesticated cat.  Like an animal.  Like the sexual animal you are.

Or, on the other hand, maybe she’s having a good time and meowing.  I sometimes meow.  I mean, all the time.  I talk to cats in English and meow in between thoughts in order to lure the cat to me.  Crazy?  Yes.

But maybe the female character just happens to like to meow as well?  And she’s probably drinking with Thicke’s character.  Drinking always makes me meow more.  Especially if a cat is around!


Pro Date Rape- IV

Not Related- IV

Score for both.

pleasure or

This next chick isn’t really into Thicke’s character.  “That man is not your maker,” but will Thicke’s character starting making her?  Through “Making With Her.”

I mean sex.

I mean he’s going to make sex with her happen.  Through pulling her hair and possibly forcing her.


Pro Date Rape- V

Not Related- IV

Score for Pro Date Rape.

Because “I know you want it.”


I mean what’s the drive behind this whole song?  I mean that as in literally my word choice and physical/visual of this contextual shot.

Sex: Getting a woman down on her knees and getting behind her, sexually.

OR, this female character has an out-of-this-world body that anyone would want to go on a visual tour of.  As in, “What do they make dreams for when you got them jeans on.”

Translated: Baby, your body is out of this world… I should Red Bull and invest in NASA to explore it.  In a tiny red car…


Pro Date Rape- VI

Not Related- V

Score for both.

Hottest bitch

“You the hottest bitch in this place.”

I would take that as a compliment.

But she has a Pointer Finger towards herself while naked, so I think she understands her appeal.

Very demure… Uh?

Seems like she does “want it.”


Pro Date Rape- VI

Not Related- VI

Score for Not Related.


He’s “going to take a good girl.”  And he’s got candy, I mean ice cream.  Get in his van.  He’s also got a puppy.


Pro Date Rape- VII

Not Related- VI

Score for Pro Date Rape.

smoke in faceHe’s now blowing smoke in her face.  Creating  blurred/smokey line for this female character.

Or… she lit his cigarette in the previous shot and he’s at that drunk I’m Going To Annoy Everyone Stage of drunkeness.

We’ve all been there.

Be honest.


Pro Date Rape- VIII

Not Related- VII

Score for both.


And now she’s unbashfully nude as if she did want it the entire time.

But “Do it like it hurt, like it hurt?”


Pro Date Rape- IX

Not Related- VII

Score for Pro Date Rape.

But he’s got that “stuff from Jamaica” to keep you from breathing and thinking for a bit.

thick and flexy

And then a female’s feet are upward facing.  But they could be his?  Maybe he does yoga.


Pro Date Rape- X

Not Related- VII

Score for Pro Date Rape.

Because he literally sings into her feet, “No more pretending, cause now you’re winning, here’s our beginning.”

Really?  Winning?


Alcohol will equal girl on her back for you.  Because Thicke’s character has a “Big D.”

It’s really up to the viewers to be the judge in this one, but my ruling is that “Blurred Lines” entirely does blur the lines entirely too much when it comes to sex when putting the lyrics under a microscope and dissecting the video accompaniment.

Final Score:

Pro Date Rape- X

Not Related- VII


Pro Date Rape or Unrelated.  You be the judge.

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How To: Prepare for an Interview Like A Young Lady

With an interview scheduled for tomorrow morning, I figured it would be best to share my fashion wisdom and interviewing skills.

With my help, you will be looking profesh and polished for your interview day.

Remember to get a good night’s sleep before the big day.



Bun or Pony, Just Don’t Look Like a Phony.

You’re going to want to go with a classic, sleek look.  No matter what job you’re gunning for, you will be shot down if you look like a hobbit for the interview.

Keep it classy and let your beautiful face capture your enthusiasm for the job.  Employers often take “hair in the face” as “hiding something.”  You don’t want to be mysterious during a job interview unless you’re interviewing to be a hit woman.  When it comes to your face: The more you show, the more open you look.

Remember this rule only pertains to your hair.


Fresh.   Youthful.  Eager.

These words embody the make-up look you’re going to want to have.


This is the Most Basic Make Up Selection You Should Have.

This image has a clean foundation base with a pink, tinted lip.  The look is finished off with an application of a dark brown mascara.  If you prefer, add a brush of blush and bronzer if you feel your skin needs the extra glow for the day.


This Look has a bit More of an Effort, but nothing Over the Top.

A foundation base with a touch of blush and a swipe of a darker light pink lip.  The eyes are lined with a light brown eye liner and a light brown lid.  The look is finished with a touch of mascara.


nude nails

It’s no mystery that OPI has great nail polishes.

A nice, nude color gives an appeal only nudity can give.  The natural look does not demand attention and will not distract your interviewer from all of your talents and all of your skills that you will be gushing about.

Remember, your nails do not need to do any talking.

Leave that job for your mouth.



Blacks and Grays are the Go-To, but Feel Free to Experiment With Different Colors For a More Trendy and Hip Look.

Now. if you don’t have any of these items by the time you want to enter the professional work force: You’re seriously lagging.

The Blazer, the Long Black Skirt (Or a Pencil Skirt), and High Waisted, Wide Legged Pants are the very basics.  Depending on what type of company you’re hoping to work for, you need to evaluate their setting.

If you’re okay with going stalker-status, stake out their building and take note of what the other ladies are wearing.

If you want to be taken more seriously and show a more dominant side of yourself, wear pants to the interview.

If you don’t want to go Veronica Mars on the situation, decide what impression you want to make.  If you want to be taken in a more feminine eye, wear a skirt to the interview.  Just as easily, you can wear a dress.


This one is totally adorable and can be re-worn for other events.

In addition to all of these lovely choices, adding a vest adds a pop of professional flare.  Yes, a Blazer is corporate cool but a Vest says you know how to handle your s*** when it starts flying.


She’s Ready to be Hired.



A Black Heel or a Nude Heel is Always a Safe Bet.

Note: No matter what season of weather, stockings or tights are always mandatory.  Loose women bare leg it in an interview and they often lose the opportunity.  Choose color or stocking according to your outfit choice.

Heels should never be above two inches and should never have a platform.  Save those heels for the bar.  No one will take the girl with four inch heels seriously.  You’re going to look like a tramp scouting for a day job.

You want to be able to walk with confidence and you’re going to need a comfortable shoe to do so.


If you want to get pumped after you’ve completed your interview look, select a mascot for yourself.  No look is complete without the right attitude.

A mascot is kind of like a spirit animal, but for business.

My Mascot:


Jack Donaghy. 

With these words of advice, you should be ready to conquer any business you set your sights on.

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Celebrities v. Paparazzi: Privacy in the Public Eye


When You Make  A Career Out Of Being Photographed, When Do You Clock Out?

Today, Halle Berry is scheduled to testify in California in favor of legislation being put into effect to limit the paparazzi’s ability to photograph the children of celebrities.

The legislation would, “would change the definition of harassment to include photographing or recording a child without the permission of a legal guardian.

“The legislation specifically mentions photography that involves ‘following the child’s activities or lying in wait’ and targeting a child because of a parent’s line of work, according to the LA Times.”

Changing California law could catalyze the changing other state laws in where celebrities feel their privacy should be protected.

But where does the line end?

What exactly defines a celebrity?

When you make a career out of being in the public eye, may it be in the entertainment industry or the political field, you voluntarily open your life up to the people.  This includes your family: past and present.

Not just the people of your country, but the people of the world.


Insert Random Anonymous Stock Photo.

There is no ending point to where you can hide away in this age of technology.  You cannot have a Twitter and tweet your every thought, every hour, and demand privacy.

You cannot demand publicity when you’re launching a new film but then demand your privacy when you’re having “off screen” time.

The larger your celebrity, the larger your following.  The public is exposed to your life and lifestyle as you flaunt it every chance you get.

62nd Venice Film Festival - Opening Gala & Seven Swords Premiere

The Life Of The Red Carpet

This type of behavior creates a certain connection in the mindset of fans: They know you.

  • They know what you had for lunch.
  • They know where you’re going later for drinks with your latest love interest.
  • They know your friends and who you don’t like.
  • They know where your kids are going to school.
  • They know where you call home.

Suddenly demanding privacy as a celebrity is nearly impossible and privacy is entirely what fame does not entail.

Accusing journalists and paparazzi of criminal behavior violates their rights as members of the press.  Celebrities need the press and the press needs celebrities.  The two are symbiotic. 

The only issue that should be changed is the matter of ethics.  The only way to change that topic is through education.

Education for both sides of the camera.

And that is a whole other story.


This Is Insane, But It Is Also Part Of The Territory.

There is no such thing as privacy in this age of technology.

For anyone.

And definitely not for celebrities.

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Pizza Review: Paulie’s Pizza, New Brunswick, NJ



Paulie’s Pizza is a landmark around the New Brunswick, New Jersey area.  It’s one of the only pizzeria’s in the area that can properly make a pizza pie and send you home with a decent Quesadilla with a side of that guacamole.  That’s right.  Paulie’s has a traditional Italian pizzaria menu AND a Mexican menu. 

For those reasons alone, everyone stumbling from the bar should hit up Paulie’s for a slice and some nachos.  I am a sucker for nachos.

On my latest visit, I ordered a medium Margarita Pizza.  I mean, it IS Margarita Monday after all.


Crust: 10

The crust had a nice, crisp snap to it when I pulled off my slice.  The crunch of the crust left me satisfied.

Sauce: 4

If you have not been an avid reader of my blog, I’ll let you know a major thing about me: I’m all about the sauce.  If I’m making a Sunday Italian Gravy, you can bet I’ll be spending about an hour of prep time and at least six hours of cook time.  

This being said, there is no excuse for tomato paste being slapped on a pizza pie and calling it a “sauce.”  Completely disrespectful sauce.

Ingredients: 6

Fresh Basil,  Fresh Mozzarella, and Plum Tomatoes.”  The necessities of a Margarita Pizza.  More FRESH tomatoes would have been welcomed.  The basic sauce took away any flavor the tomato slices would have had.  The cheese was plentiful but could have been more melted.  The basil was plentiful and very appreciated.

Timeliness: 10

I was told my pizza would take 15 minutes and it was ready within 15 minutes.  That’s the kind of service I can trust and rely on for my pizza needs.

Warmth/Heat: 7

By the time the pizza reached the apartment, the box had failed all consumers.  The pizza box could have been a better insulator, but I will not blame the pizza makers.

I will blame the system.


The Last Slice Always Looks the Saddest.


Paulie’s Pizza specializes in a classic, crisp crust on their pizza.  Come here if you enjoy a thin crust on your pizza.  I would recommend the Margarita Pizza, even by the slice as it always looks fresh in the store.  Pizza rarely goes above and beyond in New Brunswick, New Jersey but let it be known that Paulie’s sets the bar for the city.

Total Score: 37/50

Pizza Grade: 74%, C


Mariah Carey: #Beautiful Body Double



If anyone has decided to watch the “#Beautiful” Music Video, you may notice that there is something odd about the Behind the Back Shots of the video.

I mean it’s bad enough that the song has a hashtag in it, but come on.

Mariah Carey had a body double.

It’s very subtle but the images speak for themselves.

side back


front side

The Front Shot Film has a higher heel and yet the Back Shot Film has the slimmer legs.

I mean, every heel wearer knows that a higher heel makes your legs look slimmer.  But why would Carey have thinner legs with a shorter heel?

Now, Carey is notoriously known for being a Diva but has this been the most ludicrous of her actions?  Certainly not.


Notice how “her” legs are the same distance apart but the Back Shot Film has a wider space between her legs?

The previously noted smaller heel in the Back Shot Film would not have her legs looking this thin.

Now, if you’re singing “Beautiful” you should not have a body double.





Revisited: Elizabeth Taylor’s Eight Wedding Dresses


In honor of “Elizabeth Taylor’s first wedding dress up for sale,” I decided we should all take a look back at all of her wedding dresses and choices of style.

Because why?

The woman was and forever will be a legend.

Wedding Number One.

Husband: Conrad “Nicky” Hilton

Year(s): 1950-1951

Elizabeth Taylor and Conrad Hilton at their wedding reception

A classic wedding choice.

This inverted triangle piece allows for her shoulders to be exposed while complimenting her figure perfectly.  The base of the dress has a dramatic weight, though remains light and flowy.

The added veil is the icing to this Wedding Cake Topper vision of a dress.  The wedding was said to “have more stars than Heaven.”

Though the dress was a classic, their romance was not traditional in any sense.  Hilton’s abusive behavior terrified Taylor and they divorced shortly after nine months of marriage.

Wedding Number Two.

Husband: Michael Wilding

Year(s): 1952-1957


The style of the times added to this dress.

Simple and quiet, much like the husband-to-be (20 years older than Taylor), this dress was a solid choice for a second marriage.

This high-waisted, flared out bottom dress is classy and understated.

“This, to me, is the beginning of a happy ending,” said Taylor of the match.  The dress symbolized the life she planned to have with her husband: a simple focus on family and their life together.  The couple welcomed two sons through the marriage.

The marriage lasted much longer than the first.  However, looking back on the relationship Taylor said that she was not mature enough for Wilding.  She was much younger and gave him a hard time.

Wedding Number Three.

Husband: Michael Todd

Year(s): 1957- 1958


A longer, less flared version of the Second Wedding Dress gave Taylor a demure, romantic look.

The high waist and somewhat open neckline (due to the sheer, attached veil) adds a subtle sex appeal for the bride.

Todd was 23 years older than Taylor.  The two welcomed a daughter, Elizabeth Liza, during their marriage.

This marriage lasted only a year due to Todd’s untimely death in a plane crash.  This misfortune brought about Taylor’s only marriage to not end in divorce.

Wedding Number Four.

Husband: Eddie Fisher

Year(s): 1959- 1964


Very similar to the Wedding Number Three’s, this dress is green and has added sheer detail.  The belted waist compliments her figure while the draping of the material adds a romantic, sensual visual of her womanly curves.

As Todd’s best friend, Fisher comforted Taylor after Todd’s death.  Still married to Debbie Reynolds (“America’s Sweetheart”) at the time, the affair scandalized the romance.  According to EmpireOnline.com“Reynolds reported keeping a picture of Taylor at her fattest on the fridge to remind her not to snack. Taylor, to her credit, laughed at this.”

The couple adopted a daughter, Maria, from Germany.  The adoption was finalized after their divorce.

Wedding Number Five.

Husband: Richard Burton

Year(s): 1964- 1974


This yellow number is very free flowing and sweet.  Flowers in her hair, Taylor follows the hippie vibe of the time.

While both parties were still married, their romance stirred so much controversy that the Vatican condemned the affair as “erotic vagrancy.”  The pair met on the set of Cleopatra and Taylor said, “I really don’t remember much about Cleopatra. There were a lot of other things going on.”

Their fame and public reputations catapulted their careers.  So much so that Taylor unsuccessfully attempted gaining weight in order to not be offered film roles.

In an excerpt of his journal, Burton wrote, “I love her mindlessly and hopelessly.”

During their marriage, Burton adopted both of Taylor’s daughters.

Wedding Number Six.

Husband: Richard Burton

Year(s): 1975- 1976


“You can’t keep clapping a couple of sticks of dynamite together without expecting them to blow up.” -Richard Burton

This whimsical dress played into the wedding ceremony’s setting (KasaneBotswana) and the re-heated romance.  Hints of green and white on cut-outs of the dress give a motion to the dress that catered to the  catalytic love affair that was Burton and Taylor.

In his journal entry of the day, Burton wrote, “I have never been so happy in my life.”

The couple were together shortly; separated and divorced within a year.

Wedding Number Seven.

Husband: John Warner

Year(s): 1976- 1982


Back to a more classic look, Taylor’s dress draped over her body in a loving fashion.  The conservative fashion highly contrasted her previous wedding’s dress.

The reason behind the choice: Taylor wanted to be known as the wife of her husband, Republican Senator, John Warner.

Taylor entered a severe depression during this marriage through living in Washington.  She soon entered the Betty Ford Clinic for treatment.  Taylor once said, “I had a hollow leg. I could drink everyone under the table and not get drunk. My capacity was terrifying.”

Eventually Taylor divorced Warner after about six years of marriage.

Wedding Number Eight.

Husband: Larry Fortensky

Year(s): 1991- 1996


Very Disney Princess, Very Sweet.

This yellow, patterned, layered dress selection certainly fit the wedding location: The Neverland Ranch.

Very similar to her very first wedding gown, Taylor achieves a romantic look while still maintaining a free-spirited vision.

Fortensky, 20 years younger, and Taylor met at the Betty Ford Clinic while Taylor was seeking treatment for depression.

And there you have it!

The late Elizabeth Taylor‘s EIGHT wedding dresses.

She was a classic beauty who always kept her heart open for love and she had the number of weddings to prove it.