Drink Review: OTB Strawberry Swirl Margarita


If  you’re a person who has not frequented this place before, come here for the drinks alone.  I meant that.  Specifically, come here for the drinks alone because the food is never too great.

HOWEVER: The service is always above and beyond.


And so it begins.

I always enjoy a place who offers free food while you guzzle down drinks like you’re a savage beast at a watering hole.  It’s a slippery slope if you start with tequila shots and it gets even sloppier if you reject their chips and salsa sacrifice.

But someone has to do it.


This s*** is B-A-N-A-N-A-S (strawberry).

Upon meeting this drink, I said it was, “A Goblet of Awesome.”  I know this is wrong in a number to bar-tending ways, but it just felt so right.

I meant it when I said it and I mean it when I say it again.  Because, Oh My God.

The drink has a mask over its face in order to convince you that it’s not that bad: it’s good for you.  Don’t let this drink seduce you!  It is a temptress who is up to no good!

I say all of this with good intentions.  The drink is by far the most delicious drink I have had that has involved tequila.  Which automatically means it is trouble and a force to be reckoned with.

The drink is smooth and tastes very sweet.  This Sangria laced Margarita is so dangerous because of the amount of alcohol you do not taste.

I went through two before I sampled another kind of drink.  The instant shock to my system proved to be an instant fact pushed into evidence; that this drink duped me into trusting it.  I felt instantly betrayed but in the same moment: instantly, euphorically satisfied.

Drink responsibly.


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