Product Review: Samsung Galaxy S4


Look at the beauty.


After having several phones over the past three years that have met an ill fate…



HTC Inspire and HTC Arya in the cellphone graveyard.

…I decided to invest in a new phone with a new contract and mobile insurance.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has everything I could want.  Being a person who is a huge multi-tasker  who is constantly trying to keep up with the latest news and product reviews, I needed a phone that could satisfy my needs.

The screen is 5 inches.  FIVE INCHES.  I can watch Netflix from my nightstand while I roll around in my down comforter and feather bed (other necessities).

Not only is the screen huge, but the device is very light weight.  I could toss it around in the air if I wanted, but we have seen what that has done to the phones in the cellphone graveyard.

The phone also has the ability for Group Play, which allows the user to connect with up to eight phones for games, document exchanges, and such.

The camera shoots like a pro and I’m glad I don’t have to lug my Nikon around because I don’t have insurance on that thing (#whoops).  Now whenever someone falls down the stairs or I’m eating something delicious, I have an instant way to capture the deliciousness or humiliation.

And if you switch to Sprint, like I did, you can get the phone and pay next to nothing with unlimited data.  That means those kitten pics and cat videos can be instantly shared with all of the internet!  All of it!


2 thoughts on “Product Review: Samsung Galaxy S4

    1. Thanks! I have little hands, too. But the phone is so lightweight that I forget about the size. And the screen is magnetizing. If you come and visit, you can play with it!

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