How To: Kabab (Kebab, Kabob) Without a Grill!


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Now, for those of you who don’t know: I go to Rutgers University.  Though I may be one of those “broke college kids,” I still know how to put on a production in the kitchen.

So when I wanted to make some Kabobs, I made me some Kabobs.

What you will need:

1.) Cubed Meat.

2.) Marinade Mix.

3.) Red Wine.

4.) Peppers (Yellow, Orange, Red).

5.) Yellow Onion.

6.) Wooden Skewers (About a dollar for a bag of a zillion and the smokey flavor is fo’ free!).

7.) Aluminum Foil.

8.) Some kind of flat, oven-safe, rectangular dish (preferably a broiling pan, but a casserole dish will do if you’re struggling).

9.) Knife, duh.

10.) Flat surface for choppin’.

11.) Oven with broiling capabilities.

12.) DO NOT FORGET A ZIPLOC BAG (a bowl with some sort of cover will also do) (Saran wrap also counts as a cover… It counts!!!)

I sang this song the whole time.

Now, if you’re a dedicated person like me, you’re going to want to marinate your meat.


I chose Grill Mates because why not.

Follow the normal instructions but obviously substitute the “Red Wine Vinegar” with actual red wine.  Don’t be stingey and do help yourself.


Have your marinade meet your meat.

Now, you’re going to stick your meat (after a quick rinse because you shouldn’t trust your supermarket) all up in this mixture.


After sealing the bag, squish all of the air out.  All of it!    You’re then going to let it sit for as many hours as you can possibly wait.  I prefer to leave my meat marinating for at least a couple hours.

424Start chopping!  Take your peppers and onions and chop them into bite-sized pieces.  This allows for an appealing look for the Kabab as well as enables easier eating!

Do notice I am not using the proper knife.  The house I am staying at has this single, sharp knife.  Butter knifes I can swim in, but only one sharp  knife to rule them all.


Once chopped, you’re going to start assembling.  This order doesn’t matter, but I prefer to start and end with a veggie.  

Whenever possible, have the inside of the pepper facing the meat.  This allows for the added flavors of the peppers to interact with the meat while cooking.

Now, you’re going to want to turn your oven onto Broil.


Once assembled, you’re going to want to place the Kababs on the tin foil lined dish.  Whatever dish you decided would work, will work.  I hope.  Use your judgement!

Place the cooking device into the oven (previously set to Broil) and have it sit on the highest mounted rack beneath the Broiler’s flame.

430After about 5 minutes on each side, your meat should be cooked.  Remember these are tiny meats and they do not need as long to cook.

A good sign that your meat and veggies are completely ready: Deliciously Crispy Edges.

431The End Result.


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