Revisited: Elizabeth Taylor’s Eight Wedding Dresses


In honor of “Elizabeth Taylor’s first wedding dress up for sale,” I decided we should all take a look back at all of her wedding dresses and choices of style.

Because why?

The woman was and forever will be a legend.

Wedding Number One.

Husband: Conrad “Nicky” Hilton

Year(s): 1950-1951

Elizabeth Taylor and Conrad Hilton at their wedding reception

A classic wedding choice.

This inverted triangle piece allows for her shoulders to be exposed while complimenting her figure perfectly.  The base of the dress has a dramatic weight, though remains light and flowy.

The added veil is the icing to this Wedding Cake Topper vision of a dress.  The wedding was said to “have more stars than Heaven.”

Though the dress was a classic, their romance was not traditional in any sense.  Hilton’s abusive behavior terrified Taylor and they divorced shortly after nine months of marriage.

Wedding Number Two.

Husband: Michael Wilding

Year(s): 1952-1957


The style of the times added to this dress.

Simple and quiet, much like the husband-to-be (20 years older than Taylor), this dress was a solid choice for a second marriage.

This high-waisted, flared out bottom dress is classy and understated.

“This, to me, is the beginning of a happy ending,” said Taylor of the match.  The dress symbolized the life she planned to have with her husband: a simple focus on family and their life together.  The couple welcomed two sons through the marriage.

The marriage lasted much longer than the first.  However, looking back on the relationship Taylor said that she was not mature enough for Wilding.  She was much younger and gave him a hard time.

Wedding Number Three.

Husband: Michael Todd

Year(s): 1957- 1958


A longer, less flared version of the Second Wedding Dress gave Taylor a demure, romantic look.

The high waist and somewhat open neckline (due to the sheer, attached veil) adds a subtle sex appeal for the bride.

Todd was 23 years older than Taylor.  The two welcomed a daughter, Elizabeth Liza, during their marriage.

This marriage lasted only a year due to Todd’s untimely death in a plane crash.  This misfortune brought about Taylor’s only marriage to not end in divorce.

Wedding Number Four.

Husband: Eddie Fisher

Year(s): 1959- 1964


Very similar to the Wedding Number Three’s, this dress is green and has added sheer detail.  The belted waist compliments her figure while the draping of the material adds a romantic, sensual visual of her womanly curves.

As Todd’s best friend, Fisher comforted Taylor after Todd’s death.  Still married to Debbie Reynolds (“America’s Sweetheart”) at the time, the affair scandalized the romance.  According to“Reynolds reported keeping a picture of Taylor at her fattest on the fridge to remind her not to snack. Taylor, to her credit, laughed at this.”

The couple adopted a daughter, Maria, from Germany.  The adoption was finalized after their divorce.

Wedding Number Five.

Husband: Richard Burton

Year(s): 1964- 1974


This yellow number is very free flowing and sweet.  Flowers in her hair, Taylor follows the hippie vibe of the time.

While both parties were still married, their romance stirred so much controversy that the Vatican condemned the affair as “erotic vagrancy.”  The pair met on the set of Cleopatra and Taylor said, “I really don’t remember much about Cleopatra. There were a lot of other things going on.”

Their fame and public reputations catapulted their careers.  So much so that Taylor unsuccessfully attempted gaining weight in order to not be offered film roles.

In an excerpt of his journal, Burton wrote, “I love her mindlessly and hopelessly.”

During their marriage, Burton adopted both of Taylor’s daughters.

Wedding Number Six.

Husband: Richard Burton

Year(s): 1975- 1976


“You can’t keep clapping a couple of sticks of dynamite together without expecting them to blow up.” -Richard Burton

This whimsical dress played into the wedding ceremony’s setting (KasaneBotswana) and the re-heated romance.  Hints of green and white on cut-outs of the dress give a motion to the dress that catered to the  catalytic love affair that was Burton and Taylor.

In his journal entry of the day, Burton wrote, “I have never been so happy in my life.”

The couple were together shortly; separated and divorced within a year.

Wedding Number Seven.

Husband: John Warner

Year(s): 1976- 1982


Back to a more classic look, Taylor’s dress draped over her body in a loving fashion.  The conservative fashion highly contrasted her previous wedding’s dress.

The reason behind the choice: Taylor wanted to be known as the wife of her husband, Republican Senator, John Warner.

Taylor entered a severe depression during this marriage through living in Washington.  She soon entered the Betty Ford Clinic for treatment.  Taylor once said, “I had a hollow leg. I could drink everyone under the table and not get drunk. My capacity was terrifying.”

Eventually Taylor divorced Warner after about six years of marriage.

Wedding Number Eight.

Husband: Larry Fortensky

Year(s): 1991- 1996


Very Disney Princess, Very Sweet.

This yellow, patterned, layered dress selection certainly fit the wedding location: The Neverland Ranch.

Very similar to her very first wedding gown, Taylor achieves a romantic look while still maintaining a free-spirited vision.

Fortensky, 20 years younger, and Taylor met at the Betty Ford Clinic while Taylor was seeking treatment for depression.

And there you have it!

The late Elizabeth Taylor‘s EIGHT wedding dresses.

She was a classic beauty who always kept her heart open for love and she had the number of weddings to prove it.


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