Mariah Carey: #Beautiful Body Double



If anyone has decided to watch the “#Beautiful” Music Video, you may notice that there is something odd about the Behind the Back Shots of the video.

I mean it’s bad enough that the song has a hashtag in it, but come on.

Mariah Carey had a body double.

It’s very subtle but the images speak for themselves.

side back


front side

The Front Shot Film has a higher heel and yet the Back Shot Film has the slimmer legs.

I mean, every heel wearer knows that a higher heel makes your legs look slimmer.  But why would Carey have thinner legs with a shorter heel?

Now, Carey is notoriously known for being a Diva but has this been the most ludicrous of her actions?  Certainly not.


Notice how “her” legs are the same distance apart but the Back Shot Film has a wider space between her legs?

The previously noted smaller heel in the Back Shot Film would not have her legs looking this thin.

Now, if you’re singing “Beautiful” you should not have a body double.





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