Celebrities v. Paparazzi: Privacy in the Public Eye


When You Make  A Career Out Of Being Photographed, When Do You Clock Out?

Today, Halle Berry is scheduled to testify in California in favor of legislation being put into effect to limit the paparazzi’s ability to photograph the children of celebrities.

The legislation would, “would change the definition of harassment to include photographing or recording a child without the permission of a legal guardian.

“The legislation specifically mentions photography that involves ‘following the child’s activities or lying in wait’ and targeting a child because of a parent’s line of work, according to the LA Times.”

Changing California law could catalyze the changing other state laws in where celebrities feel their privacy should be protected.

But where does the line end?

What exactly defines a celebrity?

When you make a career out of being in the public eye, may it be in the entertainment industry or the political field, you voluntarily open your life up to the people.  This includes your family: past and present.

Not just the people of your country, but the people of the world.


Insert Random Anonymous Stock Photo.

There is no ending point to where you can hide away in this age of technology.  You cannot have a Twitter and tweet your every thought, every hour, and demand privacy.

You cannot demand publicity when you’re launching a new film but then demand your privacy when you’re having “off screen” time.

The larger your celebrity, the larger your following.  The public is exposed to your life and lifestyle as you flaunt it every chance you get.

62nd Venice Film Festival - Opening Gala & Seven Swords Premiere

The Life Of The Red Carpet

This type of behavior creates a certain connection in the mindset of fans: They know you.

  • They know what you had for lunch.
  • They know where you’re going later for drinks with your latest love interest.
  • They know your friends and who you don’t like.
  • They know where your kids are going to school.
  • They know where you call home.

Suddenly demanding privacy as a celebrity is nearly impossible and privacy is entirely what fame does not entail.

Accusing journalists and paparazzi of criminal behavior violates their rights as members of the press.  Celebrities need the press and the press needs celebrities.  The two are symbiotic. 

The only issue that should be changed is the matter of ethics.  The only way to change that topic is through education.

Education for both sides of the camera.

And that is a whole other story.


This Is Insane, But It Is Also Part Of The Territory.

There is no such thing as privacy in this age of technology.

For anyone.

And definitely not for celebrities.

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4 thoughts on “Celebrities v. Paparazzi: Privacy in the Public Eye

  1. Liveing the life of good Harding working. men Work pays. Off. award too my award shout out too my home girs Dina G Chillin for TLC & other celebrity that I know. On low key.

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