Pizza Review: Paulie’s Pizza, New Brunswick, NJ



Paulie’s Pizza is a landmark around the New Brunswick, New Jersey area.  It’s one of the only pizzeria’s in the area that can properly make a pizza pie and send you home with a decent Quesadilla with a side of that guacamole.  That’s right.  Paulie’s has a traditional Italian pizzaria menu AND a Mexican menu. 

For those reasons alone, everyone stumbling from the bar should hit up Paulie’s for a slice and some nachos.  I am a sucker for nachos.

On my latest visit, I ordered a medium Margarita Pizza.  I mean, it IS Margarita Monday after all.


Crust: 10

The crust had a nice, crisp snap to it when I pulled off my slice.  The crunch of the crust left me satisfied.

Sauce: 4

If you have not been an avid reader of my blog, I’ll let you know a major thing about me: I’m all about the sauce.  If I’m making a Sunday Italian Gravy, you can bet I’ll be spending about an hour of prep time and at least six hours of cook time.  

This being said, there is no excuse for tomato paste being slapped on a pizza pie and calling it a “sauce.”  Completely disrespectful sauce.

Ingredients: 6

Fresh Basil,  Fresh Mozzarella, and Plum Tomatoes.”  The necessities of a Margarita Pizza.  More FRESH tomatoes would have been welcomed.  The basic sauce took away any flavor the tomato slices would have had.  The cheese was plentiful but could have been more melted.  The basil was plentiful and very appreciated.

Timeliness: 10

I was told my pizza would take 15 minutes and it was ready within 15 minutes.  That’s the kind of service I can trust and rely on for my pizza needs.

Warmth/Heat: 7

By the time the pizza reached the apartment, the box had failed all consumers.  The pizza box could have been a better insulator, but I will not blame the pizza makers.

I will blame the system.


The Last Slice Always Looks the Saddest.


Paulie’s Pizza specializes in a classic, crisp crust on their pizza.  Come here if you enjoy a thin crust on your pizza.  I would recommend the Margarita Pizza, even by the slice as it always looks fresh in the store.  Pizza rarely goes above and beyond in New Brunswick, New Jersey but let it be known that Paulie’s sets the bar for the city.

Total Score: 37/50

Pizza Grade: 74%, C


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