How To: Prepare for an Interview Like A Young Lady

With an interview scheduled for tomorrow morning, I figured it would be best to share my fashion wisdom and interviewing skills.

With my help, you will be looking profesh and polished for your interview day.

Remember to get a good night’s sleep before the big day.



Bun or Pony, Just Don’t Look Like a Phony.

You’re going to want to go with a classic, sleek look.  No matter what job you’re gunning for, you will be shot down if you look like a hobbit for the interview.

Keep it classy and let your beautiful face capture your enthusiasm for the job.  Employers often take “hair in the face” as “hiding something.”  You don’t want to be mysterious during a job interview unless you’re interviewing to be a hit woman.  When it comes to your face: The more you show, the more open you look.

Remember this rule only pertains to your hair.


Fresh.   Youthful.  Eager.

These words embody the make-up look you’re going to want to have.


This is the Most Basic Make Up Selection You Should Have.

This image has a clean foundation base with a pink, tinted lip.  The look is finished off with an application of a dark brown mascara.  If you prefer, add a brush of blush and bronzer if you feel your skin needs the extra glow for the day.


This Look has a bit More of an Effort, but nothing Over the Top.

A foundation base with a touch of blush and a swipe of a darker light pink lip.  The eyes are lined with a light brown eye liner and a light brown lid.  The look is finished with a touch of mascara.


nude nails

It’s no mystery that OPI has great nail polishes.

A nice, nude color gives an appeal only nudity can give.  The natural look does not demand attention and will not distract your interviewer from all of your talents and all of your skills that you will be gushing about.

Remember, your nails do not need to do any talking.

Leave that job for your mouth.



Blacks and Grays are the Go-To, but Feel Free to Experiment With Different Colors For a More Trendy and Hip Look.

Now. if you don’t have any of these items by the time you want to enter the professional work force: You’re seriously lagging.

The Blazer, the Long Black Skirt (Or a Pencil Skirt), and High Waisted, Wide Legged Pants are the very basics.  Depending on what type of company you’re hoping to work for, you need to evaluate their setting.

If you’re okay with going stalker-status, stake out their building and take note of what the other ladies are wearing.

If you want to be taken more seriously and show a more dominant side of yourself, wear pants to the interview.

If you don’t want to go Veronica Mars on the situation, decide what impression you want to make.  If you want to be taken in a more feminine eye, wear a skirt to the interview.  Just as easily, you can wear a dress.


This one is totally adorable and can be re-worn for other events.

In addition to all of these lovely choices, adding a vest adds a pop of professional flare.  Yes, a Blazer is corporate cool but a Vest says you know how to handle your s*** when it starts flying.


She’s Ready to be Hired.



A Black Heel or a Nude Heel is Always a Safe Bet.

Note: No matter what season of weather, stockings or tights are always mandatory.  Loose women bare leg it in an interview and they often lose the opportunity.  Choose color or stocking according to your outfit choice.

Heels should never be above two inches and should never have a platform.  Save those heels for the bar.  No one will take the girl with four inch heels seriously.  You’re going to look like a tramp scouting for a day job.

You want to be able to walk with confidence and you’re going to need a comfortable shoe to do so.


If you want to get pumped after you’ve completed your interview look, select a mascot for yourself.  No look is complete without the right attitude.

A mascot is kind of like a spirit animal, but for business.

My Mascot:


Jack Donaghy. 

With these words of advice, you should be ready to conquer any business you set your sights on.

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