Friday Night Fright Movie Review: The Caller (2011)

If you’re spending your Friday Night at home and want to indulge in a scary movie: The Caller will have you satisfied.

My Horror Film Scoring Method is simple.  Was I scared?  Scare Factor.  Did the story keep me on my toes or was everything predictable from intro to final scene?  Plot Line.  And finally, were the actors believable or were they meant for a different kind of Scary Movie?  Actor’s Acting Abilities.

Scare Factor: 8/10

I was scared.  There was a solid amount of hiding behind pillows and yelling at the screen.  I did not know what would happen or what would come next or who would die next.  However, I wish I could have been more scared all throughout but the storyline made me intrigued and tuned in.

Which brings me to my next scale.

Plot Line: 9/10

The story is based off of one premise: You can’t leave a phone ringing,  It’s in our nature as human beings of this technological age we live in.  We MUST answer a phone.  We even want to answer other people’s phones if they don’t pick it up in time.

This film isn’t like other phone based movies, either.  One Missed Call and Pulse’s cell phones only got you if you picked up the phone.  Not to give away too much of the plot, I’m just going to say what’s on the other line of the phone will get you “irregardless.”

The plot was not predictable and that is why it deserves a 9/10 in my Horror Film Scoring Method for Plot Line.

Actor’s Acting Abilities:  7/10

Rachelle Lefevre plays the female lead of this horror flick and she holds her own across from former vampire, Stephen Moyer.  No, he’s not a vampire in this movie.  Yes, that was an allusion for True Blood.

Lefevre plays Mary Kee and Mary Kee moves into the wrong apartment and messes with the wrong wrong-number-dialer.  She does play a bit of a damsel in distress but she adds a bit of a cockiness and independence towards male characters.

Moyer plays her love interest and could have had more screen time but this movie was more of a character analysis than a thrilling romance.

Overall Score: 8/10, 80%, B


Watch in the Dark?  No.  Watch in the afternoon in the house with my roommates?  Yes.

So, watch it on Netflix and turn your phones off.

You don’t want to have to buy a new one.


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