Show to Watch: The Challenge: Rivals II


With the new Challenge airing this week, I think it’s best we review common strategies and place bets on the drunken mistakes that are cast every season.


1.)  Fight your competitors out of commission.

  • One hit, one ticket.  Home.
  • You can also terrorize your competitor until they beg to go home.

2.)  Sleep Your Way to the Top.

  • Find the most athletic male or female and establish a romantic bond (sleep with them).
  • Do this before the two strongest partners find each other and start sleeping together.

3.)  Form an alliance.

  • Usually this happens within the first couple of days.
  • Two major parties usually are formed with a few stragglers who want the game to be “fair” and “not a popularity contest.”
  • However, it’s an MTV reality show.  It’s not real.  It doesn’t have to be fair.  It is a popularity contest.

What you can always depend on is that pure athletic ability and intelligence will only get you through the challenges.  Strategy is essential to keeping yourself alive in the game.

The Cast.


Easily, we can knock off the “Sure Things.”  The people who always get knocked out in the beginning.

Cast2013 (1)

You next have to knock out the “Idealists.”  They don’t get with the program and they do suffer the consequences.

Cast2013 (1)

This is a game not about skill.  This is a game about following orders and doing what you’re told.  Or you can sleep with one of the head-honchos and save your spot until the last few episodes.

Next, we have to knock out the “Rookies.”  The Veterans of the game don’t like new faces.  They relish in the familiar and excel when they can predict their opponents actions.  If no one recognizes your face, then you might as well stay home.

Cast2013 (1)

Finally, the “Hot Heads” and their “Victims” can be crossed off of the list.  These are the people who get into physical fights (then get kicked off) and the people become psychologically traumatized.

Cast2013 (1)

Note: The exception to this rule is Paula.  The trampy cry baby usually finds a mate who is kind-hearted enough to show her soft side AND she allies with the toughest competitors.   She also instigates drama, like a bully, AND she plays the victim when her instigating blows up in her face.

Exhibit A:

Therefore, Paula will not win.  She will stick around until late in the series and possibly have a seat in the final throws of competition.  Her weak frame and nonathletic abilities will be her hubris and she will always go down in flames.

Finally, you can eliminate the people who don’t want it enough.  These are the people who are there because they want to be on television and those who get caught up in the drama, politics, or their sexual escapades.

Cast2013 (1)

I am placing my bets on Sarah, Johnny Bananas, or Emily.  Anyone they are partnered with may be their downfall, but they are the strongest competitors who know how to play the game.

Happy watching!

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