Laguna Beach: Season 2 Drinking Game

MTV has decided to revisit their award winning… I mean their reality television…  I mean their television show Laguna Beach!

The throw-back show has inspired me to drink.  You know, because of reasons.

The Rules:

Drink EVERY time:

Denise Richards - Swimming PoolIt’s Denise, but who cares.

Anyone is pool-side.

This could be an event, a get-together, or any cast member happens to be around a pool.

Jacuzzi scenes do count.

tumblr_m7hrewluO11r8w6odo1_500Also, drink any time there’s a beach scene.

This can be surfing, skim boarding, tanning, drinking: whatever.

It doesn’t matter.

Just drink.

2932436331_1_3You’re also going to want to drink every time this pretty bag of douche comes on screen.

tumblr_m5l9ilLRe21ql5yr7o3_250And to be fair, drink every time this tool bag comes on screen.

2956745997_1_13_fDYcunH2Also, drink any time Lauren seems to be planning her wedding to Steven in her head.

tumblr_inline_misvuaAUsG1qz4rgpDrink any time Kristen is either:

  • A bitch.
  • Sassy.
  • Brutally honest.
  • On the hunt.
  • Destroying a relationship.

Basically, drink any time Kristen is on screen.

poorYou can also drink (and/or finish your cup) when this thought runs through your head.

You know, because of reasons… any time someone on the cast is near-tears or crying.

235504_1242238688485_160Also drink whenever any of these idiots are talking about Jason.

If you want to spice things up and you can handle your liquor: Waterfall when Jessica starts talking about Jason and stop when the scene is over.

Happy drinking!


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