Red Lip: Trend or Tradition?


Red Lipstick.  

It’s a tradition.

Enough said.

Don’t act like it’s “in” this season because it is always in:

  • Deep.
  • Or Light.
  • Hint of Pink.
  • Hint of Orange.
  • Hint of Mauve.

With confidence, you can wear it any shade or any day.

The second you second-guess the Red Lip, you better wipe it off your disrespectful mouth.

Own it.

Or don’t wear it at all.

Hair Colors:




IGN/My Space host "Jennifer's Body" Screening - Arrivald

Red Head.


Just slap on the red and run with it.

It doesn’t matter what your hair color is or what your skin color is.


African like Kelly Rowland.


Or Asian like Lucy Liu.


Indian like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

63rd Annual Cannes Film Festival - On Tour Premiere

A Latina like America Ferrera.


Or a pastey Irish girl like Taylor Swift.

102710-Taylor-400And no, Taylor does not own the Red Lip Look.

Even THIN lips!

Like Kirsten Dunst!


Whenever you want to be bold and you want to be noticed: Go for that Red Lipstick or Red Lip Gloss you have in your make-up bag.

Your day or night will immediately be amped up and you will turn heads.

tumblr_inline_mghuk4U4Sl1ql2gmsEmma Stone knows what’s up.


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