Catfish Season 2: Episode 5: Dorion & Jeszica


For those of you who aren’t aware: Catfish is a television show of Guess Who game online.

It’s always a gamble when you’re talking to someone online and if you haven’t even met the person on the other end: you could be in for one hell of a surprise.


This week’s episode introduces Dorion, a man with a girlfriend who knowingly accepts that he is in love with a mysterious woman he met online who has a kid.


In her defense, “Jeszica” is beautiful…


“Jeszica” is a hardworking single mother, student, and is pursuing modeling.  She is the wind beneath Dorion’s wings.

However, there is one problem for Dorion… besides the fact that he’s never met “Jeszica”…


Dorion has his girlfriend that he lives with.  Raffinee.

They love each other.


Dorion is aware he does not know who he’s talking to.

And the woman in the images is one of the most copied in terms of fake profiles.

So the odds are not in Dorion’s favor…  but he and his live-in girlfriend, Raffinee, want him to be happy.


Nev and Max to the rescue with their Google Image Searches!

All of the pair’s work brought this mystery to a close.  The real “Jeszica” turned out to be Alexis.

A beautiful, seemingly normal, down-to-earth chick.

Which left Dorion two options to choose from!


In the end, Dorion chooses to stay with his girlfriend!

Let’s just hope it’s not only because all of his stuff is already at her place.


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