Friday Night Fright: House At The End Of The Street



House At The End Of The Street has a plot you won’t figure out until the very end.  Literally the very last scene explains the story.  Even the subplots are not revealed until this very last scene.

The story is a simple one: Girl (Jennifer Lawrence) meets Wrong-Side-Of-The Tracks Boy-Next-Door whose family just happened to be hammered to death by the younger sister.  Not the best luck, huh?  Good thing Jennifer moves in next door.

Jen just finds him charming, mysterious, and sexy with his misunderstood boy pout.

max-thieriot-as-ryan-in-house-at-the-endSo dreamy.

If you need a more in-depth run-down, check out the trailer:

Now, I’m a fan of actors who can bring poorly written dialogue to life.  I’m a fan of surprise, suspense, and adrenaline.  I’m also  a huge fan of woodland-based horror films.    So, let’s bring the film to the scales and see how it weighed out!

Scare Factor: 7/10

Not many Jump-Out-Of-Your-Seat scenes, but the suspense and adrenaline kept me hooked.

Plot Line: 10/10

Kept me guessing and I was always wrong.  I’ve seen a lot of horror films, but House At The End Of The Street made me a fool.  I’m serious.  You really won’t know everything until the very last scene.

Actor’s Acting Abilities: 8/10

They did the best they could with what they were given.  I don’t know if the writers observed anyone in High School or College before they wrote the script, but it sure doesn’t seem like it.  However, the actors did their job and kept me tuned in.

Overall Score:  25/30, 83%, B

Genius for a horror film you can get off of Netflix.  Watch it now.


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