The Challenge: Rivals II Episode 4


To be abnormally afraid of ketchup and the title of this episode.

On a side note, I am offended this phobia even exists.  It is an insult to Ketchup Lovers everywhere.

How does this pan out through the episode?

To begin with, there is the normal Diem loves CT drama.  AKA: Diem gets jealous, cries about her love, won’t make a move, and then makes out with him.

This has nothing to do with Ketchup.

So when the drama of Nany flirting with CT blows up, rumor gets around that Diem made a rap about it.  Oooh.

Are you kidding me?  This has nothing to do with Ketchup.

The teams go through amaze for a challenge with wooden poles attached to their wrists.

Paula and Emily win it for the girls and escape the Elimination.  Big Surprise.

And them Diem and Anessa’s old behinds don’t won’t to go in the Elimination Challenge.  I mean, they could break a hip so it is really an issue.

They’re only about thirty years old, but that’s beyond the expiration date of their reality television claim to fame.  The milk has gone bad.

But, where does Ketchup come in?

Turns out Knows-Nothing-Jemmye has a Ketchup phobia.

And Knight decides to enact his revenge on Jemmye for a hook-up she has yet to hook with Leroy through slapping some Ketchup on her back…

A preemptive strike, what have you.

He does it because he “will always love Jemmye.”  The kind of love that makes you throw the Apple Of Your Eye’s greatest fear onto their body.

And then Leroy moves “On To The Next” no-name-challenge-contestant.  The sun sets and arises a new.

End Result of this episode?  No one gets sent home.

Probably because Trishelle The Quitter ditched last episode and that was one Women’s Team already eliminated.

And then there’s some more CT/Diem butt touching to close the episode.


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