The Challenge: Rivals II Episode 5

To get this episode started with a bang, Theresa and Leroy bang.  Which does or does not upset Wes because he hooked up with her last season?

And Zach cries a lot because his sister has a baby and he’s not there to do the nothing that he would do…

“YOU WANT A SHOW?  I’LL GIVE YOU A F****** SHOW!” Zach after being filmed in his vulnerable state on a television show that he signed up to be on.

So, then Wes works to get Leroy’s team in the Elimination Challenge… because he’s not jealous or anything.

However, Zach and Trey do horrible in the Challenge.  And then the girls unexpectedly turn against Leroy and Ty and vote them into the Elimination Challenge.

The Ghost Hand of the Challenge, Wes, strikes a deadly blow to his current sexual rival: Leroy.

A blow that turns out to be fatal for Zach and Trey…  because cheating is cheating.

Watch the episode to see what really happens!



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