Top 5 College Kitchen Necessities

Living in a college apartment can mean a number of things: grime, burnt food, overflowing recycle bin.  If you’re looking to step away from the norm and into the elite, follow this guidance in preparing your college kitchen… with a cheaper version attached for those on a budget.


Ice Cube Trays/Bags of Ice



If ice is what makes or breaks your budget, you can obviously do without.  However, ice is an accessory that any drink can use- whether it be alcoholic or non.  Being impatient might sway you to buy a bag of ice any time you’re thinking of entertaining but a wise investment would be a few ice trays.  Grab any freezer-friendly container and you can stock up in your spare time.

Whenever your parents are complaining you don’t ever do anything at school, you’ll now have a great stand by: You’re making ice.

Quality Knife Set/One “Really Good,” Big Knife


I cannot advise you enough: A Top Notch Set of Knives does a world of wonders in your cooking schemes.  If you have room in your budget, do splurge with a quality set.  If you’re on a budget: One Really Good Knife.  That’s survival mode but whether you’re cooking or scared that the monsters in the kitchen closet are coming to get you, it’ll go a long way. 

Coffee Maker/French Press


The Coffee Maker is a very basic item that most college students don’t think to have because the dining halls are down the street or you’d prefer the Starbucks or Dunkin Donut shops.  When calculating how much you spend on coffee daily, you’ll realize that you could be spending that money elsewhere.  Making your coffee at home will save you a ton and it opens up 24-Hour One-Stop-Shop for all your caffeine needs.

If you’re trying to scrimp your bucks, go for a French Press.  You’ll need a finer coffee ground but it’s a trendy item that oozes sophistication and class. 

Crock Pot/Large Pot


Whether or not you don a chef’s hat, a crock pot will make you the King of the Kitchen.  Set it and forget it and you’ll be surprised at how delicious your meal is when dinner time comes around.  You really can’t mess up your dish when you’re crocking.  Add whatever veggies or meats you have handy, add some broth or wines or any splashes of alcohol you think would add a nice flavor, and then walk away.

Just walk away and come back in five or six hours.

A stew or soup (depending on how much liquid you decided on) will greet you when you return.

If you’re not looking for such a lazy way of cooking: buy deep cooking pot.  These are perfect for Chilies and Sunday Sauces.  Basically, the same rules apply but you’re going to need to be on standby to give it all a stir every half-hour or so.




The Vitamix is not just a blender.  It honestly is a way of life and I’m sure there are a few cults worshiping it somewhere.  Expensive, yes, but probably the most durable, powerful, and satisfying blender I have ever met.

If you’re on a budget, any blender will do the things you want it to do: drinks -alcoholic and non-, sauces, and shakes.   This kitchen accessory is on the more extravagant side for a college kitchen but if you more-than-enjoy fresh juices and shakes: it’s practically a necessity.


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