5 Things To Remember On The First Day Of Anything

ImageToday was the first day of my internship and it marks the beginning of my senior year of college.  With the stress of my last year of college starting and my first day at my internship ending, I have 5 pieces of advice to get you through the first day of anything you begin.

  1. Organize and Take Notes- You’re going to want to take down as much information as possible in note form.  This will prepare you for the future at this endeavor and will keep you from losing your head!
  2. Prioritize- Never put your personal life any where near your First Day.  You’re going to want to have a clear head for your brain to be as alert as possible.   This means leave your phone in your purse/desk/locker and keep your thoughts all on the business.
  3. Energize- In order to to keep focused, you’re going to want to make sure you’re as alert as possible.  Whether you take the caffeine route or just catch a couple more hours of sleep, it will do you a world of good.
  4. Don’t Be Hard On Yourself– It’s your first day.  You’re human and you’re bound to make mistakes.  If you’re having trouble: talk to a coworker or superior.   They will know how you’re feeling and they will want to have you do everything right the first time rather than have you making constant mistakes.
  5. Have Fun– Make conversation in the coffee room or ask someome advice on where to lunch.  If you don’t know how to strike up a conversation naturally, just ask questions about the other person.  People love talking about themselves and they’ll appreciate you taking an interest in their lives outside of work/school.  When you establish a life for yourself outside of work with your coworkers, they’ll consider you a person beyond your office/cube/class/workplace; which everyone is!

Now go through your first day with these tips in mind and you’ll be a natural at whatever you’re doing in no time.


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