Make-up Essentials: What’s in My Bag

Every day beauty essentials are hard to come by.  We all have our signature day-to-day look and below you’ll see mine.  I tend to go for a natural color palette.  Pick colors that match your natural skin tones and remember that you can achieve this look using any brand with any price range.

Essence | All Day Concealer

I like using Essence’s All Day Concealer to cover my under-eye bags when I don’t get enough sleep, but this is also great as a base for my eye shadow application.  The light, creamy texture holds the eye shadows in place longer than they would naturally.

Lorac | Champagne Diamond | Eye Shadow

With most brands, you can get a nice eye shadow palette that can transform your eyes from Office Chic to Night Time Ready in seconds.  Lorac has a nice range of colors in this specific palette that helps me no matter what comes my way.

Le Metier De Beaute | Mascara

Le Metier De Beaute is a brand carried at Nordstrom.  I have a tube in a basic dark brown, but go with any color that best matches your natural lash color.

Neutrogena | Healthy Skin| Liquid Make-up

Neutrogena has a few lines of liquid foundations.  Healthy Skin gives my skin a fresh look and feel.  The product is definitely one of my favorites because it doesn’t clog my pores and it has SPF 20.

Neutrogena | Skin Clearing | Mineral Powder

I apply the mineral powder after my liquid foundation base for a finished look.  This product is light-weight and gives my skin a nice, healthy color.

Lorac | TANtalizer| Baked Bronze

Lorac has a great bonzer that’s long-lasting.  The products gives a light glow to my face, which is a nice touch for any season.

Burt’s Bees | Lip Balm | Pomegranate

Burt’s Bees has a wonderful line of lip balms.  My favorite is the Pomegranate because it gives my lips a natural, warm pink hue and also protects my lips from chapping.

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How To: Eye Make-up Application Without Brushes!

How often do you look at your brushes and think, “Ew!” ? Or how often do you have to purchase new brushes? Aren’t you tired of wasting that money? I know I am.

How? How could you do such a thing, you ask?

Simple: Use your fingers.

Think finger paints. Think freedom. Viva la revolution!

…Or you can keep your brushes and use this when you’re on the go!

Take Your Hand:


And your eye:


For your Overall Eye, you’re going to want to use your Index Finger.  Choose a Base Shadow, which usually is an “average” color of the palette you’re working with.

overalleye overalleyeeye

For your Outer Crease, you’re going to want to use your Pinky Finger.  This will limit the amount of Dark Shadow (darker than your Base Shadow) that you use and will help you get deep inside the crease.  You can also use this color along your Eye Lash Line as a Eye Liner.

outercr outercreye

For your Inner Eye, you’ll be using a Light Shadow (Lighter than your Base).  You can use as much of this shadow as you would like, even along your Brow Bone.

inner innereye

Finally, you can touch up any Fallen Shadow by using your Thumb!  Sweep your Thumb beneath your Lower Lash Line to catch any of the Fallen Shadows.


There you have it!  A cheap and easy fix to gross brushes or a quick way to touch up your eye make-up on the go!

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Forgotten Cold Weather Necessity: Sun Glasses (with a cause!)

Little known fact about the sun: It never takes a vacation!

An easily forgotten fashion essential during the bundled up seasons simply are a sweet pair of shades.

Rather than blow your budget on a pair that you’ll hate yourself for losing, save yourself the heartache and invest that money in a pair of Parkers, Warby Parker.

For less than $100, you can be looking classically stylish in no time.  I always preach that trends come and go and that true fashion holds true no matter what era.  Warby Parker’s designs not only will have you looking sophisticated right now, but they’ll stand the testament of time.

And while you’re thinking you look good and that’ll be that, you’re wrong.  I forgot to mention they donate a pair of glasses to someone in need.  They’ve already hit a half million.

Now, go ahead and help the world see (not just how good you look).

For a sneak at their Fall Collection, check out the pics below.  Trust me, you’ll feel good and look great.

Marbled Sandstone, Ellison, Warby Parker

Marbled Sandstone, Ellison, Warby Parker

Tan rimmed glasses are a great look for someone who wants to grab some attention!  It’s a style that not a lot of people gravitate towards, but if you have naturally tan skin these will brilliantly compliment your complexion.  Pair with a patterned scarf and you’ll be charming the oxford socks off of anyone who sets their sights on you.

Whiskey Tortoise, Ellison, Warby Parker

Whiskey Tortoise, Ellison, Warby Parker

This design will warm any cold front that the Fall and Winter seasons bring your way.  The chocolate color will look great with the Fall color schemes.

Whiskey Tortoise, Ames, Warby Parker

Whiskey Tortoise, Ames, Warby Parker

The tortoise shell pattern of these shades bring all the Fall colors into play.  If you really want to stand out during the chilly weather, these shades will keep you warm with all eyes on you.

Graphite Fog, Ames, Warby Parker

Graphite Fog, Ames, Warby Parker

If you’re in for a more classic classic look, go for the Graphite Fog.  Their stone inspired look will give you a certain flare that a basic black shade will neglect to touch.  The dark glass keep your glances hidden while presenting a perfectly posh appearance.

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Friday Night Fright: The Awakening 2012

The Awakening is a movie that you can watch alone in the comfort of your sun filled bedroom under the covers. God help you if you decide to watch it alone in the dark.

Scare Factor: 9/10

This movie is more of a thriller than horror but in any case you will want to have your hiding pillow in place because there are pop-out scenes. Beware!

Plot Line: 9/10

I couldn’t guess this plot even if I tried. The film kept me on my toes and made me feel like a fool for trying to relax. I was afraid and I could never figure out what would happen next. Excellent writing and excellent actors, which brings me to…

Actor’s Acting Abilities: 10/10

Now, I’ve seen Dominic West’s smoldering looks before, hello Mona Lisa’s Smile. Charming and deliberate in his skills, West is equally matched with Rebecca Hall’s performance. And Imelda Staunton’s always welcomed in any movie I’m watching. And little Bran Stark makes an appearance! You go, Issac Hempstead Wright.

Overall Score: 28/30, 93%, A-

I would recommend this film for anyone to view on this Friday Night Fright Night.

Happy Friday the 13th, ladies and gentlemen.

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Madonna vs. Miley: Fashion Icon vs. Fashion Flop

With the current influx of Miley in Pop Culture news, I could not help but notice a heightened comparisson between the “reinvented” celebrity and the constantly evolving Queen of Pop, Madonna.

To clear things up, I wanted to lay out the obvious differences:

1.) (Now) Historic VMA Performances.


Madonna- sporting a white wedding dress and performing her hit single, Like A Virgin.

Miley- sporting nude latex and a foam finger while performing her hit single, We Can’t Stop.

Obvious conclusion- We know who should have stopped.

2.) Ability to rock a leotard.


Madonna- Regardless of her age, Madonna rocks a leotard in a classy, sexy way.  Her wardrobe choice is composed while still being fun.  She has the body and the confidence to pull this look off.

Miley- Her choice  is not only unflattering but unnecessary.  There is mesh just for the sake of having mesh.  And a bandanna because nothing could add to the outfit so you might as well detract from the outfit.

Obvious Conclusion-  Madonna has a timeless presence that cannot be topped by a young, fashion-challenged pop star.

3.) Studs.


Madonna- Keeping in mind less is more, Madonna’s harder/more edgey look is completed by mixing two cultures: conservative and punk.  The studded blazer with chains and fishnets brings two opposite sides of culture harmoniously together.

Miley- With a cropped top and a cropped leather studded jacket, Miley attempts only to appear sexy by flashing her body.  A fashion choice made purely for attention, the clothes end up wearing Miley.

Obvious Conclusion- Miley dips into the “punk” scene by slapping on whatever will make headlines.  In my opinion, trending fashion should mean inspiring not disgusting fashion followers.

4.) Cropped Top.


Madonna- In this photo selection, we see a young Madonna sporting her choice of cropped top.  Her message on her top, “Healthy,” promotes a conscious effort to be portrayed in a positive light.  Her body is toned and she smiles facing the camera.

Miley- In this photo selection, as every other photo selection, Miley is promoting Miley.  With some underboob and an attitude, Miley’s self-consumed image is one that I’m sure everyone will be better without.

Obvious Conclusion- Madonna understands that fashion can be used to promote things other than the designer or herself.  Miley, on the other hand, can’t simply rely on her talent to make a name for herself.

And now I believe we can make one final conclusion:

5.) Madonna takes all.


Whether you’re a fan of her work or a fan of her fashion choice or you’re not a fan of her at all: Madonna should never have to share the same light as Miley.

Let this be a note for all of you to follow: If you rely on being fashionably trendy, you open up the chance to be a fashion flop.  Take chances but never wear what is unflattering for you and your career aspirations…

Or you, too, can be kicked off of the cover of Vogue.