Madonna vs. Miley: Fashion Icon vs. Fashion Flop

With the current influx of Miley in Pop Culture news, I could not help but notice a heightened comparisson between the “reinvented” celebrity and the constantly evolving Queen of Pop, Madonna.

To clear things up, I wanted to lay out the obvious differences:

1.) (Now) Historic VMA Performances.


Madonna- sporting a white wedding dress and performing her hit single, Like A Virgin.

Miley- sporting nude latex and a foam finger while performing her hit single, We Can’t Stop.

Obvious conclusion- We know who should have stopped.

2.) Ability to rock a leotard.


Madonna- Regardless of her age, Madonna rocks a leotard in a classy, sexy way.  Her wardrobe choice is composed while still being fun.  She has the body and the confidence to pull this look off.

Miley- Her choice  is not only unflattering but unnecessary.  There is mesh just for the sake of having mesh.  And a bandanna because nothing could add to the outfit so you might as well detract from the outfit.

Obvious Conclusion-  Madonna has a timeless presence that cannot be topped by a young, fashion-challenged pop star.

3.) Studs.


Madonna- Keeping in mind less is more, Madonna’s harder/more edgey look is completed by mixing two cultures: conservative and punk.  The studded blazer with chains and fishnets brings two opposite sides of culture harmoniously together.

Miley- With a cropped top and a cropped leather studded jacket, Miley attempts only to appear sexy by flashing her body.  A fashion choice made purely for attention, the clothes end up wearing Miley.

Obvious Conclusion- Miley dips into the “punk” scene by slapping on whatever will make headlines.  In my opinion, trending fashion should mean inspiring not disgusting fashion followers.

4.) Cropped Top.


Madonna- In this photo selection, we see a young Madonna sporting her choice of cropped top.  Her message on her top, “Healthy,” promotes a conscious effort to be portrayed in a positive light.  Her body is toned and she smiles facing the camera.

Miley- In this photo selection, as every other photo selection, Miley is promoting Miley.  With some underboob and an attitude, Miley’s self-consumed image is one that I’m sure everyone will be better without.

Obvious Conclusion- Madonna understands that fashion can be used to promote things other than the designer or herself.  Miley, on the other hand, can’t simply rely on her talent to make a name for herself.

And now I believe we can make one final conclusion:

5.) Madonna takes all.


Whether you’re a fan of her work or a fan of her fashion choice or you’re not a fan of her at all: Madonna should never have to share the same light as Miley.

Let this be a note for all of you to follow: If you rely on being fashionably trendy, you open up the chance to be a fashion flop.  Take chances but never wear what is unflattering for you and your career aspirations…

Or you, too, can be kicked off of the cover of Vogue.


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