Friday Night Fright: The Awakening 2012

The Awakening is a movie that you can watch alone in the comfort of your sun filled bedroom under the covers. God help you if you decide to watch it alone in the dark.

Scare Factor: 9/10

This movie is more of a thriller than horror but in any case you will want to have your hiding pillow in place because there are pop-out scenes. Beware!

Plot Line: 9/10

I couldn’t guess this plot even if I tried. The film kept me on my toes and made me feel like a fool for trying to relax. I was afraid and I could never figure out what would happen next. Excellent writing and excellent actors, which brings me to…

Actor’s Acting Abilities: 10/10

Now, I’ve seen Dominic West’s smoldering looks before, hello Mona Lisa’s Smile. Charming and deliberate in his skills, West is equally matched with Rebecca Hall’s performance. And Imelda Staunton’s always welcomed in any movie I’m watching. And little Bran Stark makes an appearance! You go, Issac Hempstead Wright.

Overall Score: 28/30, 93%, A-

I would recommend this film for anyone to view on this Friday Night Fright Night.

Happy Friday the 13th, ladies and gentlemen.


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