How To: Eye Make-up Application Without Brushes!

How often do you look at your brushes and think, “Ew!” ? Or how often do you have to purchase new brushes? Aren’t you tired of wasting that money? I know I am.

How? How could you do such a thing, you ask?

Simple: Use your fingers.

Think finger paints. Think freedom. Viva la revolution!

…Or you can keep your brushes and use this when you’re on the go!

Take Your Hand:


And your eye:


For your Overall Eye, you’re going to want to use your Index Finger.  Choose a Base Shadow, which usually is an “average” color of the palette you’re working with.

overalleye overalleyeeye

For your Outer Crease, you’re going to want to use your Pinky Finger.  This will limit the amount of Dark Shadow (darker than your Base Shadow) that you use and will help you get deep inside the crease.  You can also use this color along your Eye Lash Line as a Eye Liner.

outercr outercreye

For your Inner Eye, you’ll be using a Light Shadow (Lighter than your Base).  You can use as much of this shadow as you would like, even along your Brow Bone.

inner innereye

Finally, you can touch up any Fallen Shadow by using your Thumb!  Sweep your Thumb beneath your Lower Lash Line to catch any of the Fallen Shadows.


There you have it!  A cheap and easy fix to gross brushes or a quick way to touch up your eye make-up on the go!


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