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Halloween Ghost Story: Paranormal in Real Life

It was two years ago when my friends and I were supposed to go out for a night of drunken revelry.  It was a kind of “Girls Night” and we got all dressed up and went on our way to the liquor store around 12 at night.  It was about halfway there when one of the girls became overwhelmed with hunger as we walked by a bar and grill.

My best friend, Melanie, and I (both underage at the time) were at odds with the rest of the group (who were of the legal drinking age).  Though the rest of the party could easily drink and eat, we were left to the wayside.  We were on a mission (to get drunk) and nothing was going to stop us.

My boyfriend lived across town and I knew he had recently stopped by the liquor store himself earlier that day.  We adventured over to his apartment complex, where parties were reaching their peek, and, after some coercion, succeeded in our mission to obtain alcohol.  This night was not about partying.  This night was about drinking and having fun together.  By 1 a.m., we had our booze in hand as we found our way back to our apartment for a drinking-night-in.

It was along our journey to our apartment that we got into a ghost story mood.  We were swapping stories and beliefs as we passed the already drunk party-goers on the street.  They were rowdy and excited about their night but we felt almost magnetic engorging on the terrifying details of the supernatural.

We reached our apartment and fixed ourselves drinks.  We sprawled out on on living room couches in the next room, across from one another, and I sat closest to the kitchen (closer to the alcohol, of course).  We continued on and on about our ghost encounters and debated whether or not a paranormal realm did exists.

I was a stern believer.  My encounters with the unexplained occurrences I grew up facing led me to believe there had to be something else, something out there, something that connected the world of the living and the realm of the dead.  I had seen kitchen cabinet doors and drawers open without a person’s touch, figures that resembled people appear from thin air and disappear just as suddent, and an all-too-unwelcoming feeling of intrusion when entering an empty bedroom that belonged to a deceased former owner of my childhood home.

Melanie was more on the fence than I.  Sure, she had seen normally stationary things move on their own when talking about a passed relative.  And sure she had been uneasy about that, but there was nothing definite, nothing that stood as pure evidence in her mind.

Midway into our first and heavily poured drink, the group of girls came back from the bar and grill.  They scattered about on the remaining couch spaces, joined in our conversation and had their own stories to swap.  We went on for about an hour comparing stories and feelings about the supernatural.  We went on and on and ranted and raved about our unexplained encounters with anything remotely paranormal.  It wasn’t until we ran out of things to say when a quiet lull surrounded the room.  This lull was a feeling and a sound that I had heard before but didn’t ultimately recognize until later.

The lull was a silence that overwhelmed the room.  It made the room still and a level of quiet that I can only describe as the immediate sound of turning off a television when you’re home alone.  It’s a sudden, intense silence that is commonly overlooked.  But that silence was filled tonight with a big, heavy sigh.

It was the sigh of a man.  A tall man.  The sigh came from the above the entrance way and drifted across the room.  Instantly, tears fell down my face.  I looked at Melanie and she was crying, too.  We had no idea how this flood of emotion came through to us but we looked into each other’s and confirmed we had both heard the same thing.  There was a man and his deep sigh sounded annoyed as if he was tired of the conversation, wanted us to change the topic, and he wanted us to move on.

We didn’t know what to do.  The other girls heard the sigh as well and we all knew from which direction it came from: the kitchen.  I wiped my tears and stood to confront whatever the source was, but I couldn’t make myself enter through the kitchen door way.  It was as if there was something blocking me.  There was something keeping me from the kitchen and I had an uneasy feeling.  Something was up.

I finally pushed through the doorway and slowly walked through into the kitchen.  The room felt heavy.  There was a weight on my shoulders and I couldn’t stay in the room for very long.  The other girls come into the kitchen and cited the same feeling.  It was as if someone was pushing down on all of their shoulders.  I knew there were a few things left to do: chug my drink, grab the booze, and get the hell out of that apartment.

To this day, I don’t like telling my ghost stories because that lull creeps into the room.  It’s like the stories open an invitation to whatever supernatural being is around and only they get to say when the party’s over.


American Horror Story: Coven, Episode 4

american horror story (2856) Animated Gif on Giphy

The last episode left us with this moment:

american horror story coven (91) Animated Gif on GiphySo, you can say that some sh*t went down.

The beginning of this episode introduces us to zombies, not to be confused with Evan Peters/Kyle’s Frankenstein resurrection.  Marie Laveau’s story throughout the ages (you know, she is immortal and all) is explored with her experience during the civil rights movement.  This is an essential detail as the conflict between white witches (whose roots are traced back to Salem) and African witches (whose roots are traced back to African Shamans) battle it out in the streets of New Orleans throughout the decades.

The racial divide and the generational divide will be interesting to follow as the season plays out.  For example, Queenie is a descendant of Tituba but she is being educated about witchcraft from the white witches that Marie Laveau despises.  Where will her loyalties lie when push comes to shove?  Will she choose heritage over her coven?  Or will she stick with her ladies at the Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies?

Spalding’s character also gets explored and we learn he likes dolls.

Fiona’s hunt for the next Supreme continues, as it turns out Madison was just a power hungry witch.  Which I called the minute Madison was even hinted at of being the Supreme.  I mean, come on.  It’s Emma Roberts.  She’s got those chompers but her bite isn’t as strong as her bark (unless you’re Evan Peters).

I’m calling it out already: it’s going to be Zoe.  I called it vocally re-watching the first episode, but I will make it official now.  Sure, she’s timid and awkward with magic and everything else in the world… but she’s going to learn what it takes to be the Supreme eventually.  Don’t give up your hope!

The end of the episode introduces us to a fleet of zombies and Marie Laveau’s babies make a return…  and she was progressing so well!

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Dunkin’ Donuts Review: Hash-Browns

Look at these bad boys.

I know I have written about Dunkin’ Donuts before, but I have got to rant and rave about their Hash-browns.  They are that damn good.  And this picture isn’t some Food Designer designed ad.  They actually look that beautiful in reality.  That golden crispness and they just melt in your mouth with a garlicky onion combo that Oh My God.  I can’t even get into the details enough to finish that sentence.

I know I have a problem, but this is what I look like eating them:

I actually said this morning when I was gobbling them down that I could be Baby-Birded them.  Someone could chew them up for me and vomit them into my mouth and I would still curl into a warm ball of happiness.  They’re that damn good.

And if anyone takes the last little nugget of goodness?  I resent them.  I plot their demise.  I devise an attack on everything that they stand for.  I call it being Hash-brown Slighted.

Me when Hash-brown Slighted:

If you still don’t understand what all the fuss is about: visit Dunkin’ Donuts for yourself and pop one of those suckers into your mouth.  Feel how your mouth instantly waters to welcome that lovable spud biscuit home.  Taste the sensational bits of potato that are perfectly seasoned and quickly prepared for optimal snacking capabilities.

Then and only then will you begin to realize they’re that damn good. 

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Guy Halloween Costumes Decoded: The Office Style

This Halloween Season is a perfect opportunity to get to know the college male species.  It’s prime time and the guys are out for a good time, just like you!

Here are some tips and tricks (through examining The Office’s male cast’s costumes) to find the guys who will get you to enjoy your Halloween Night Out.

The Gabe

He did his research.

Gabe is a perfect example of when research goes wrong.  He looks really good as Lady Gaga… like really good.

He looks better than I do on an average day.  Great execution, but if you don’t want to be referred to as the (to quote Mean Girls) “less hot version” of him… You might want to steer clear.

He probably will have the best time, so do make sure you’re involved in his party.  If you can handle him, stick around to see what’s beneath the wig.

The Creed

He  did his research, too.

The Now-Classic Joker, Creed takes it to the next level in costume terms and gets into character too easily…  Unless you have some fetish or weird role-play fantasy in your head, it’s best to steer clear of someone on this level.  They want an excuse to be this character and Halloween is the perfect chance.

Unless the guy in question is “in character” for a less psycho role, say Batman or Robin, go for it!  Pick the guy who put a smile on that face without a knife!

The Dwight

He researched and you better know.

Dwight knows his character.  He knows what planet he would technically live on and the climate of that planet and how his wardrobe would suit that habitat.

If you’re unsure of the costume and you’re still interested in the guy wearing it, ask!  Ask all about the costume and where it comes from.  He probably made it and put a lot of effort into it.  He’ll like that you cared to ask and showed an interest in what he’s already interested in.

The Andy

He wears his costume, for better or worse.

He could be in a group costume and lost his group, but he wears his costume proud.  Lone Group Costumers tell you a number of things.  1.) He has friends.  2.) He’s a great sport.  3.)  He can get into a theme.

This is a guy who is social and likes to have a good time with his friends.  He can make plans in advance and likes to stick to them, even if his friends go AWOL.  Strike up a conversation about his costume and how he got separated from his group.  Group Costumers tend to stick together, so if they’re separated there’s definitely a story behind it.

The JimThe man without much of a plan.

The Jim is a guy who isn’t very enthusiastic about his costume.  He’s wearing it and he’s out.  That counts for something, right?  It’s better than no costume.  He probably wasn’t planning on going out but at the last minute his friends called him up and got him out.

He’s out to have fun and what more can you ask for?

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Thirsty Thursday: Dirty Orange

Imagine a Screwdriver.  Now imagine an even better one.  That’s a Dirty Orange.

20131024_220352Oh, come to mama.

The warmth of the Seagram’s gives this drink a touch that vodka could never get close to.  This drink gives you the confident drunk with that wake-up-it’s-breakfast feel that orange juice can only provide.




Orange Juice



Martini Glass

Plastic Cup



Add 3-5 cubes to your Martini glass.  This will create a slightly chilled glass for the drink to slip into.

Pour a shot or two of Seagram’s into your plastic cup.  You can measure out your liquor or you can just eyeball it.  I’m not judging, just drinking.

Add orange juice to your plastic cup.  This will automatically mix your beverage for you, just slight enough for a powerful punch.  The orange juice will take on a dirty orange color to invite you in.

Pour your mixture over the ice and drink any remnants in the plastic cup.

Because why not.


Sit back, relax, and enjoy your Dirty Orange.

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Drink Review: George Street Ale House, Bloody Mary

20131020_134444This is exactly what I needed after a night of Seagram’s 7 and Spite.

If you’re ever in the New Brunswick area for school or work on the weekend, DO stop by the George Street Ale House between the hours of 12:00 and 2:00 p.m. for bottomless Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s… priced at $9.99 with the purchase of a food item.

My favorite drink is the Bloody Mary and my favorite was for it to be served is bottomless.

The George Street Ale House has their own version of the Bloody Mary, which you can order with extra spice if you think you can handle it.  Their recipe was light and smooth with wonderful snack-able olives for garnish.

Although I prefer my Bloody Mary’s on the thicker side, the Ale House’s version kept me satisfied with my spice and tomato cravings until my Buffalo Chicken Wrap came.  Then it was off to Mimosa’s.

20131020_140317That’s what I call Brunch.

And yes, at George Street Ale House’s bottomless special you can switch back and forth from Bloody Mary’s to Mimosa’s.

My god, it was good.

What more could you ask for in a Sunday Brunch?

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October Things: How to Zombie Bar Crawl

zombieSurprise, my hair isn’t red right now.

I’m not talking about Pumpkin Spiced anything.  I’m talking about Zombies.  What’s more fun than making new friends in strange places?

Making new zombie friends in strange-alcohol-serving places!

You’re going to want to join them when you see them because zombies are the best dancers and drinkers in your town.  However, if you’re a lonely zombie (or just with a small pack and need some converts) bring these supplies with you.

And trust me, if you’re somewhere with drunk people and offering to cover their faces in god-knows-what for free, they’re right there with you.

The Supplies:

Cream Face Paints

You can get this kind of stuff anywhere.  If you’re on a budget and/or just playing around at home, you can mix these colors of your eye shadow and lotion…  But the few dollars you spend on the cream make-up will be an investment in your make-up durability and vitality.

“Blood Kit”

Really, any kind of fake blood will do the trick.  You can even mix red food dye and with a simple syrup (equal parts water and sugar) and smear it on your clothes for the same effect.  Do be aware that you will probably damage your clothes.

Throw in a pre-game before you hit the bars to loosen up your zombie crew and stuff your extra materials in a bag before leaving your zombie base.  When the drunk humans see how much fun you’re having, they’ll be begging to be turned.