How to: Lorde Hair

Lorde, Photographed by Paul Lester

For those of you who might live under a rock, Lorde’s the latest chart-topping artist- some might even argue the Anti-Miley.  If you can’t match this songstress’ soulful voice, you can at the very least get her hair style!

The messy, almost beach wave, consistency of Lorde’s hair is fashionable throughout any season and anyone can achieve this look through a few tips and tricks.  You don’t have to “be proud of your address” to be proud of your hair.  This look is very attainable on any budget.

First you’re going to have to decide how dedicated to this look you are!

1.) Not very dedicated

Apply Garnier Fructis’s Surf Hair to damp hair.  For added volume, use your preferred mousse or volumizing spray.  Twist hair into a high, on-top-of-head bun.  Let dry naturally or take the extra step to dry your hair with a blow-dryer.  Once dry, release hair and do heavy a side part.  Finish by a scrunching of your hair with your fingers and a light layer of your favorite hair spray.

2.) Mildly dedicated

After using a hair putty and a mousse (or you can use specifically a curling spray or mousse), dry your hair upside down.  You will notice that your hair will become thicker and already start to form a voluminous look.  Part your hair deeply to the side (showing you best side)  and begin curling sections of your hair.

Once you finish curling, you’re going to want to break up your curls and shake them out.

Finish with your hairspray of choice.

Note: If your curls are still to “curly” and not at a beach level, give your curls hair some time to fall out of place.  Gravity, when used correctly, will work wonders with hair.

3.) Dedicated

I have this wave/crimping iron and it works wonders with achieving this look.  The double barreled iron, held parallel to your hair (much like a crimping iron), creates perfect waves with minimal effort.

After using your basic mousse and a volumizing spray for prep to damp hair, dry your hair naturally in a high bun or blow dry upside down.  This will give your hair added volume and enhance your choice products.

With dry hair, create a deep part and begin “waving” sections of your hair.  Finish with a hair spray to keep those waves in place.


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