Cheap Wine Review: Honoro Vera

The wine watches over you as you drink.

After getting off the rancid New Jersey Transit Train after a full ten-hour unpaid-internship day, I wanted nothing more than a modestly priced full-bodied bottle of red wine.  The kind of red wine that puts hair on your chest and sits in your belly a way that I’ve only found with Scotch and Whiskey: warm and hard.

It was a Friday night and all that kept me from giving everything up and becoming just another bag lady with a bunch of cats living in New Jersey was this wine.  This eye-catching, marked-down bottle of Honoro Vera saved my life.

Yes, $7.99 not only bought me a bottle of wine but $7.99 bought me a new beginning.

Cool bottle, bro.

Now for those of you who don’t appreciate wine can at the very least appreciate a bargain.  At 14% alcohol content, when the average cheap wine is literally between 9.5% and 12%, Honoro is my hero.

Warning: You will have to air this wine out.

You can use one of these things:

Or you could apparently use one of these things:

Or you can just pop the cork and let it breathe.

However, I am obligated by my own conscience to let you know that this did happen:


Some might argue this is part of the marked-down-already-cheap-wine territory.  I now owe one of my roommates a new wine opener but what price can you put on happiness?  ($7.99)

20131004_202949All’s well that ends well.

And for those of you who can’t handle the sheer strength it takes to open this bottle of wine: phone a friend or chant a mantra.  Mine was, “I am an independent woman!” but you can choose your own.

Also, before drinking this wine: I highly recommend not having just a salad for lunch prior to drinking a glass of this wine.  You will be sorry for a number of reasons that your phone or your friends can tell you in the morning.

Drink responsibly.

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