October Things: How to Zombie Bar Crawl

zombieSurprise, my hair isn’t red right now.

I’m not talking about Pumpkin Spiced anything.  I’m talking about Zombies.  What’s more fun than making new friends in strange places?

Making new zombie friends in strange-alcohol-serving places!

You’re going to want to join them when you see them because zombies are the best dancers and drinkers in your town.  However, if you’re a lonely zombie (or just with a small pack and need some converts) bring these supplies with you.

And trust me, if you’re somewhere with drunk people and offering to cover their faces in god-knows-what for free, they’re right there with you.

The Supplies:

Cream Face Paints

You can get this kind of stuff anywhere.  If you’re on a budget and/or just playing around at home, you can mix these colors of your eye shadow and lotion…  But the few dollars you spend on the cream make-up will be an investment in your make-up durability and vitality.

“Blood Kit”

Really, any kind of fake blood will do the trick.  You can even mix red food dye and with a simple syrup (equal parts water and sugar) and smear it on your clothes for the same effect.  Do be aware that you will probably damage your clothes.

Throw in a pre-game before you hit the bars to loosen up your zombie crew and stuff your extra materials in a bag before leaving your zombie base.  When the drunk humans see how much fun you’re having, they’ll be begging to be turned.


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