Thirsty Thursday: Dirty Orange

Imagine a Screwdriver.  Now imagine an even better one.  That’s a Dirty Orange.

20131024_220352Oh, come to mama.

The warmth of the Seagram’s gives this drink a touch that vodka could never get close to.  This drink gives you the confident drunk with that wake-up-it’s-breakfast feel that orange juice can only provide.




Orange Juice



Martini Glass

Plastic Cup



Add 3-5 cubes to your Martini glass.  This will create a slightly chilled glass for the drink to slip into.

Pour a shot or two of Seagram’s into your plastic cup.  You can measure out your liquor or you can just eyeball it.  I’m not judging, just drinking.

Add orange juice to your plastic cup.  This will automatically mix your beverage for you, just slight enough for a powerful punch.  The orange juice will take on a dirty orange color to invite you in.

Pour your mixture over the ice and drink any remnants in the plastic cup.

Because why not.


Sit back, relax, and enjoy your Dirty Orange.

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