Dunkin’ Donuts Review: Hash-Browns

Look at these bad boys.

I know I have written about Dunkin’ Donuts before, but I have got to rant and rave about their Hash-browns.  They are that damn good.  And this picture isn’t some Food Designer designed ad.  They actually look that beautiful in reality.  That golden crispness and they just melt in your mouth with a garlicky onion combo that Oh My God.  I can’t even get into the details enough to finish that sentence.

I know I have a problem, but this is what I look like eating them:

I actually said this morning when I was gobbling them down that I could be Baby-Birded them.  Someone could chew them up for me and vomit them into my mouth and I would still curl into a warm ball of happiness.  They’re that damn good.

And if anyone takes the last little nugget of goodness?  I resent them.  I plot their demise.  I devise an attack on everything that they stand for.  I call it being Hash-brown Slighted.

Me when Hash-brown Slighted:

If you still don’t understand what all the fuss is about: visit Dunkin’ Donuts for yourself and pop one of those suckers into your mouth.  Feel how your mouth instantly waters to welcome that lovable spud biscuit home.  Taste the sensational bits of potato that are perfectly seasoned and quickly prepared for optimal snacking capabilities.

Then and only then will you begin to realize they’re that damn good. 

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