Guy Halloween Costumes Decoded: The Office Style

This Halloween Season is a perfect opportunity to get to know the college male species.  It’s prime time and the guys are out for a good time, just like you!

Here are some tips and tricks (through examining The Office’s male cast’s costumes) to find the guys who will get you to enjoy your Halloween Night Out.

The Gabe

He did his research.

Gabe is a perfect example of when research goes wrong.  He looks really good as Lady Gaga… like really good.

He looks better than I do on an average day.  Great execution, but if you don’t want to be referred to as the (to quote Mean Girls) “less hot version” of him… You might want to steer clear.

He probably will have the best time, so do make sure you’re involved in his party.  If you can handle him, stick around to see what’s beneath the wig.

The Creed

He  did his research, too.

The Now-Classic Joker, Creed takes it to the next level in costume terms and gets into character too easily…  Unless you have some fetish or weird role-play fantasy in your head, it’s best to steer clear of someone on this level.  They want an excuse to be this character and Halloween is the perfect chance.

Unless the guy in question is “in character” for a less psycho role, say Batman or Robin, go for it!  Pick the guy who put a smile on that face without a knife!

The Dwight

He researched and you better know.

Dwight knows his character.  He knows what planet he would technically live on and the climate of that planet and how his wardrobe would suit that habitat.

If you’re unsure of the costume and you’re still interested in the guy wearing it, ask!  Ask all about the costume and where it comes from.  He probably made it and put a lot of effort into it.  He’ll like that you cared to ask and showed an interest in what he’s already interested in.

The Andy

He wears his costume, for better or worse.

He could be in a group costume and lost his group, but he wears his costume proud.  Lone Group Costumers tell you a number of things.  1.) He has friends.  2.) He’s a great sport.  3.)  He can get into a theme.

This is a guy who is social and likes to have a good time with his friends.  He can make plans in advance and likes to stick to them, even if his friends go AWOL.  Strike up a conversation about his costume and how he got separated from his group.  Group Costumers tend to stick together, so if they’re separated there’s definitely a story behind it.

The JimThe man without much of a plan.

The Jim is a guy who isn’t very enthusiastic about his costume.  He’s wearing it and he’s out.  That counts for something, right?  It’s better than no costume.  He probably wasn’t planning on going out but at the last minute his friends called him up and got him out.

He’s out to have fun and what more can you ask for?

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