American Horror Story: Coven, Episode 4

american horror story (2856) Animated Gif on Giphy

The last episode left us with this moment:

american horror story coven (91) Animated Gif on GiphySo, you can say that some sh*t went down.

The beginning of this episode introduces us to zombies, not to be confused with Evan Peters/Kyle’s Frankenstein resurrection.  Marie Laveau’s story throughout the ages (you know, she is immortal and all) is explored with her experience during the civil rights movement.  This is an essential detail as the conflict between white witches (whose roots are traced back to Salem) and African witches (whose roots are traced back to African Shamans) battle it out in the streets of New Orleans throughout the decades.

The racial divide and the generational divide will be interesting to follow as the season plays out.  For example, Queenie is a descendant of Tituba but she is being educated about witchcraft from the white witches that Marie Laveau despises.  Where will her loyalties lie when push comes to shove?  Will she choose heritage over her coven?  Or will she stick with her ladies at the Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies?

Spalding’s character also gets explored and we learn he likes dolls.

Fiona’s hunt for the next Supreme continues, as it turns out Madison was just a power hungry witch.  Which I called the minute Madison was even hinted at of being the Supreme.  I mean, come on.  It’s Emma Roberts.  She’s got those chompers but her bite isn’t as strong as her bark (unless you’re Evan Peters).

I’m calling it out already: it’s going to be Zoe.  I called it vocally re-watching the first episode, but I will make it official now.  Sure, she’s timid and awkward with magic and everything else in the world… but she’s going to learn what it takes to be the Supreme eventually.  Don’t give up your hope!

The end of the episode introduces us to a fleet of zombies and Marie Laveau’s babies make a return…  and she was progressing so well!

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