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Review: Petco Premium Cat Bungalow

My boyfriend and I adopted a kitten that was abandoned in a barn about six months ago.  This kitten, Mable Bacon, has become crazed with the need to play.   Our solution at first was more toys, more cat games.  After a serious discussion in the cat tree aisle at Petco, we chose The Premium Cat Bungalow.  It was on sale and required assembly.  Its photo on the box had a cat that looked pleased.   It was a chance we had to take.

ImageThis fluffy, orange cat says, “Look at what I have and what you don’t.”

ImageMable was not entirely pleased with her other gift (the sequined collar) but she did look dashing.

startMy boyfriend began assembly and curiosity overwhelmed Mable.

ImageDuring assembly, she “helped” by testing out the posts for bite-ability and scratch-ability.

ImageThe Baconator, as we sometimes call her, tested The Bungalow throughout assembly. I don’t know how else we could have tested it ourselves, so it was nice of her to volunteer.

ImageHere, my boyfriend attaches the last level while Mable watches his footing.

ImageThe Premium Cat Bungalow comes with attachable accessories.  You can attach your cats favorite toys or add the feather hangers wherever you would like for customized play.

ImageThe finished Premium Cat Bungalow (with pleased cat).  We also received a pair of free antlers for Black Friday Shopping at Petco.  She didn’t like them very much so we added them to The Bungalow as another toy.

mableThe end result: A happy family.  Her biting and reckless behavior has toned down.  She gets in a ton of exercise climbing and running up the side of The Bungalow.  Her jumping abilities and confidence has improved drastically overnight.  The assembly was easy and Mable is pleased.

5/5 stars.

Would recommend this product to anyone with a cat.

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The Six Stages of Thanksgiving Eating

In the spirit of eating and the new season trailer of HBO’s Girls coming out, here are The 6 Stages Of Thanksgiving Eating.

1.) Ready To Feast.

2.) Contentful Eating.

3.) The Stuffing Of The Face.

4.) The Sudden Regret.

5.) Self Loathing.

6.) Drinking To Forget How Fat You Just Became.

Now drink up and enjoy the “family-bonding” because you’ll have to do it all again in another month.  But hey, at least there will be presents next time.

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Seven Hugs You Will Encounter This Holiday Season.

Before you get all excited about the turkey and gravy and oh-my-god-mashed-potatoes

Think fast.  The hugs are coming.

Here are some of the hugs you should look out for so that you’re prepared.

There’s The Friendly, All-Well-Meaning Hug…

The Emotional, Well-Meaning Hug…

The They-Need-This-More-Than-You-Do Hug…

The They-Think-You-Need-This-More-Than-They-Do Hug…

The Duck-And-Dodge Hug…

The You-Couldn’t-Duck-And-Dodge Hug…

The Still-Trying-To-Dodge-It Hug…

And thar’s that.  If you get to wherever you’re celebrating the holidays first, get all of the hugging out of the way and sit back.  Watch all of the other hugs go down from the comfort of the couch with a gently poured alcoholic drink.

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Five Instagramers To Follow

I often find myself killing time on the train by looking through my Instagram Feed.  I often find myself suggesting “Follows” to my friends.  Since I also often find myself telling you ladies and gentlemen what to look out for… Here are five Instagramers to follow!

1.) Me.


If you want a heads up on what I’ll be writing about, some cat photos, or pictures of food and drinks…  My contribution to Instagram is 100% all of that.  You won’t find a “Sexy Selfie” posted by me but you just might see a beard that I made for myself out of my own hair… @caseythere.

2.) The Style Addict


Thestyleaddict often posts some killer manicures and great hair-DO’s.  They post the occasional, super-cute kitten/puppy picture and let’s face it: that’s not tuning anyone out.  Follow this account for some nail inspiration or just some stylish tips to stumble upon throughout your Instagram browse-sesh.  @thestyleaddict

3.) I Am The Great Went


If you enjoy cat photos, you’ll enjoy iamthegreatwent.  Cat photos upon cat photos.  I can’t get enough and if you’re the same: Follow iamthegreatwent.  Enough said.  @iamthegreatwent

4.) Fashion By Angie


I don’t know who this person is.  I don’t know where they came from.  All I can say is I am obsessed with their styling.  All of their combinations get an instant “♥” and I have no regrets about it.  There is an art in layering and they have mastered it.  And D*MN, make me want boots more.  Jesus.  @fashionbyangie

5.) Instabraid


I love creativity and instabraid is all about that business.  If you enjoy braiding as a craft, this user will show you things you never saw before.  They have opened Pandora’s Box and everything’s turning up braided.  I love everything they post… not because I necessarily want to try it but because I admire it.  @instabraid

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Where Your High School Class Is Right Now.

We all have to admit that we check in on our former classmates from time to time on Facebook.  I’ve noticed a common thread throughout my Newsfeed and my friends’.  No matter where you went to High School, you and your classmates all have the same fates.

They Enlisted.

These members of your graduating class were set on enlisting all throughout High School.  They joined because they saw the honor and respect the uniform demands.  They wake up every day early and they go to bed late- exhausted.  They eat, sleep, and drink discipline.  The branch of military they’ve signed up for will be a part of the very core of who they are.  They understand what commitment and loyalty really means.    No matter what their party affiliation, race, religion, or gender is: they’re going to defend whatever yours is with their life.

They often post pro-military articles and statuses and you often get educated on the realities our servicemen and women live on a daily basis.

They Enlisted… Eventually.

These guys tried everything out after graduating High School along side you.  They could have tried going to school at the local community college or at a state school.  It just wasn’t for them.  They could have taken a part-time job around town.  It just wasn’t for them.  After kicking a pine cone down the street after a walk to the town Wawa, it clicked in their head.  They should enlist.  Not saying that their choice was not as honorable as their previously listed brethren, just saying it took them a while to figure out what they were doing.

It was only yesterday that they were posting a cat photo from Imgur and now their last post is a status about how they won’t be able to be reached for a while.

They’re In Some College… Drinking.

Maybe it’s a state school, maybe it’s not.  They definitely checked out the social scene before they chose their school.  These kids were known for their social reputations in High School and they weren’t about to call it quits when they sat through their Freshmen Orientation.  They probably joined a sorority or a fraternity and have made loyal drinking friends, but they’re never going to leave behind those who they partied with in High School.

Their photos are of their sisters or brothers at a party or of a drinking reunion with their friends from home.  During Rush, their Cover Photo is of their sorority or fraternity encouraging you to come out to their social events.  But hey, they’re doing their thing and they seem pretty happy with it.

They’re In Some College… Studying.

They chose a college that had a respectable reputation and one that would be beneficial to the field they were studying.  They do have a social life but they put their education first.  They’re reading and writing papers.  They’re panicked about deadlines and are cramming for exams up until the last second before that scantron is passed out.

Their Facebook Newsfeed often has Instagram photos of them and their friends at the library or hanging out on the weekend.  Every now and again they’ll post a nice filtered shot of their second coffee of the night or a delicious looking alcoholic drink.  Work hard, play hard.

They’re In Some College… Freaking Out.

Call it a Quarter-Life Crisis or whatever you would like.  It might be the fact that they chose a major at Freshmen Orientation and waited until Senior Year to switch paths.  It might be that they have to take an extra year to graduate.  It might be that they’ve overscheduled and it’s past the class withdraw date.  It might be that they feel like they’re drowning.  It might be that their school is awful and they’re filing papers to transfer to another school.

Whatever the reason, their updates come very sparingly.  Just know that they’re up to something and eventually everything will shake out for them.

They’re In Some College… In Overhaul.

This person is at the gym, going to classes, studying, working, and socializing.  They’re doing it all and you don’t know how they do it.  It just doesn’t make sense to you, but they’re going everywhere and just getting stuff done.

Their Facebook Page is a catalog of their lives and you get inspired just by looking at it.  They make you want to do more, but only after you take a nap and catch up on your shows.

They’re Having Babies.

Maybe it’s what they always wanted or maybe it was an “oops-baby.”  Either way, they had it.  Maybe they’re getting married or maybe they’re already married.  No matter the case, they are raising a baby now.

Now their contributions to your Newsfeed are baby photos and baby videos.  Their kid is cute but you could never imagine having a baby right now.  You congratulate them but at the same time you have to reevaluate your life with them for a second.

Will they stop talking to you and make their new baby their entire life? 

Would they think you’re responsible enough to babysit… would you be offended if they didn’t 

Do you think they’ll let you hold their baby after seeing your keg stand photo from last week?

They’re Hanging Out.

They’re hanging at their parent’s home or renting an apartment with some friends.  They may or may not have a job.  They saw your other classmate decide to enlist because they were on the same Wawa trip.  They’re not really about that right now.  Commitment isn’t really their thing and they’re just living life.

When they’re on Facebook, they might send you a message asking when you’ll be around again for a hang.  If you do choose to hang out with them, you might leave their house feeling a little assured with your life decisions.  You also might just be surprised at how happy they are and rethink your life decisions.

And That’s Where We All Are.

Where we all once were.

We’re all at different stages in our lives, even if we are the same age.  Just keep in mind that we’re all figuring our stuff out and it might take more time for some.  The fact that you’re checking out their page means you’re interested and you care about where they are.  That says a lot about you.

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How To: Avoid Textual Drama

We’ve all been there.  You’re not feeling the friendliest of vibes from a certain someone when our phone gets those negative vibrations of a text.  It’s the start of an all-too-familiar form of a modern duel: The Text Fight.

To avoid all of the drama, there’s one simple trick that will save you the hours of 3-page texts back and fourth that results in the end of a friendship, relationship, or even roommate-ship…

Pick up your phone.  Call him or her.  Use your Anytime Minutes.

Though it might be hard to hear, you should listen.

You might just hear something you didn’t know about before.

Then you can talk.

More than likely, your friend or SO or roommate might just be feeling like this:

And it’s just easier for them to hide behind texts than to actually share their feelings.

Nine times out of ten, your phone conversation will end like this:

For that one time out of ten, you can simply speak your piece and press that End Button.

But if you’re feeling more like this when it comes to phone calls:

Then you deserve to lose that friend, SO, or roommate.

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What Else Stinks: Rave News’ Reporting

Rave News is self-described as have been “started as a fun project to share some current and past rave stories with people.”  I don’t have a problem with blogs reporting news, but I do have a problem with fraudulent reporting.  Below is an article posted in March that has been recently brought to my attention via my Facebook Newsfeed.


The problem with this article is not the “blaming of the parents.”  It’s not that the author throws the “ingredients” of the drug out in the open.  It’s the unattributed source of the photo.

Pointed out by a comment on the article:


The photo selected by the author of the article is of a patient with Stevens-Johnson syndrome.  This is a disease, according to,  “…is a rare, serious disorder in which your skin and mucous membranes react severely to a medication or infection. Often, Stevens-Johnson syndrome begins with flu-like symptoms, followed by a painful red or purplish rash that spreads and blisters, eventually causing the top layer of your skin to die and shed.”

A simple Google Search can bring you this photo:


The author of this article is trying to create a public panic about the drug/party scene.  From backlash of songs about molly (MDMA) to the death toll at Electric Zoo, the drug-infused party scene is chalk-full of cautionary tales.

The public does not need scare-tactics from a blog to know that the home-made morphine, Krokodil, is a dangerous concoction.  By posing as a legitimate source of news warning of the dangers of this drug,  Rave News poses a legitimate threat to their readers.