Female Celebrity Look-A-Likes

Many claim they have a likeness to a celebrity but often bare only a slight resemblance.  What’s more interesting are celebrities that look like other celebrities!

Intense Female Character Role-ers

LookAlikeNKWNatalie PortmanKeira KnightlyWinona Ryder

I have always thought these three actresses looked similar.  I first compared Keria and Winona together.  Slowly the comparison between Keira and Natalie grew on me.  Looking from left to right and reversed, I’m sure you do to.

Bang Sporting Sisters

LookAlikeNKWZooey DeschanelKaty Perry

These two ladies are known for their long, dark tresses with a bang above the brow.  From their facial structure and perfect complexion, in a dark room you’d definitely need a double-take.

Comedic Blondes


Chelsea HandlerElizabeth Banks

Late-Night Funny-Lady Chelsea Handler and humourous actress Elizabeth Banks have a likeness in their faces and stick to the same hairstyle.  I was convinced Handler was the book selling blonde in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, but Banks played the eccentrically sexual role.

 Golden Waves and Pointed Chins

snowolsenBrittany SnowMary-Kate Olsen

These two female actresses, on the right angle and in the right light, bare a resemblance.  Their hazel eyes and lightly-toasted locks share a beauty that compliments them both.


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