Sick Review: Garlic Tea Immune Enhancer

According to the Natural News, a mixture of Cayenne Pepper, Honey, and GARLIC will make me feel better.  They said, “A well-known immune system strengthener, garlic shines as an antibacterial and antiviral herb for fighting colds, coughs and the flu.”  Seeing as I am hacking up a lung and my nose is draining both out of my nose and down my throat… Let’s give this thing a go.

cayNo, This Isn’t Abstract Art.  This is “Tea.”

Unfortunately for me, I don’t have any honey.

I used a coffee filter and some of my pre-minced garlic because I’m a no-muss-no-fuss kind of gal.

I use this on the reg’.  For cooking, not for drinking.

After I had my water boiling, I poured it over my filter and strainer.  As my cup collected the new drink, I was overwhelmed with the smell of garlic.  Not the fun “I’m cooking tacos!” garlic smell, but the smell of wretched, steamed garlic.

There’s no reason for this… Oh yeah, I’m sick.

After sprinkling some Cayenne Pepper in the mix, you know for taste, I let this bad boy sit alone in a corner of my desk so I don’t have to smell it.

I’m worried if I wait too long that the tea will cool off too much.  Then I’ll be stuck drinking garlic water and no one wants that.

I take a sip and I did wait too long.  The key, I realize, to drinking this concoction: Holding your nose.  Breathe only through your mouth.

Here’s Jonah Hill Sneezing.

It tastes hot and spicy from the Cayenne.  The heat stays on your tongue like Satan tap dancing with garlic shoes on your taste buds…  The garlic, I’m afraid, is overpowering and makes me regret everything.

But reportedly, “’s delicious and helps to heal what ails you.”  We will see about the second one, but so far after only three sips: no dice.

I’m actually starting to get a headache.  “Drink as much as desired.”  Yeah, right.

It burns my throat.  Maybe this is a pain distraction thing.  A new pain makes you forget your old pain.  Maybe I’m crazy.

Now it’s cold again so I’m just going to drink this garlic water as fast as I can.

You know, because kids are YOLO’ing these days.  Why can’t I?

Now I don’t know if I’m too old to YOLO or it’s just my current definition for the term is chugging a cooled Garlic-Cayenne-Pepper-Tea… it’s times like these where I know I should give up.

But I don’t because I know this is for science.

It’s “god awful,’ as my roommate would say.  The phrase must have been created to perfectly describe this drink.

Would honey have made it better?  In spite, I’d like to say no.

Now that I have reached the bottom of my mug, I want to vomit but I have to admit I have not been coughing as much.



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