Final Survival: Hotties Who Wish You The Best

Prepping for final exams can be tough.  Here are a few Hollywood hunks who want you to do better for yourself.  They’re encouraging you to do great things.

They want you to score high on that multiple choice and fill in the blank.  

They want you to own that presentation. 

They want you to put that project to shame.  

Study hard while you check out these hard bodies for scholarly encouragement.

Ryan Gosling thinks you should reward yourself for all your work… after all of your hard work



Ryan Reynolds thinks you look great with that messy bun on your head, coffee-stained shirt, and those dirty sweatpants that you’re not washing for superstitious reasons.


Channing Tatum will wait while you study your brain tired.  He’s not going anywhere.  He just wants you to do well on your exams.


Robert Downey Jr. knows you’ve been working hard and he knows it’s all going to pay off.  He’s right by your side while you get everything right on that test.


Bradley Cooper will save himself  for you until ace that final.  It’s all about delayed gratification.



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