How To: Avoid Textual Drama

We’ve all been there.  You’re not feeling the friendliest of vibes from a certain someone when our phone gets those negative vibrations of a text.  It’s the start of an all-too-familiar form of a modern duel: The Text Fight.

To avoid all of the drama, there’s one simple trick that will save you the hours of 3-page texts back and fourth that results in the end of a friendship, relationship, or even roommate-ship…

Pick up your phone.  Call him or her.  Use your Anytime Minutes.

Though it might be hard to hear, you should listen.

You might just hear something you didn’t know about before.

Then you can talk.

More than likely, your friend or SO or roommate might just be feeling like this:

And it’s just easier for them to hide behind texts than to actually share their feelings.

Nine times out of ten, your phone conversation will end like this:

For that one time out of ten, you can simply speak your piece and press that End Button.

But if you’re feeling more like this when it comes to phone calls:

Then you deserve to lose that friend, SO, or roommate.


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